Monday, August 4, 2008

~New phone- Part 3~

Ok ok, you guys are going to think I am crazy. I have yet ANOTHER new phone. This one wasn't because of bad reception or faulty devices, but merely because I wanted another phone. Haha. I am not usually one who needs the newest technology, that is my husband. But, I was having trouble keeping up with my schedule and remembering all of my appointments juggling 2 jobs, school, my family, and my social life. So, Nick suggested I get a PDA phone which allows you to keep a very detailed calendar with appointments and reminders that you can either edit on your computer or on your phone. It is like having your day planner right in the palm of your hand...literally! I am loving it so far, and love that it is so straightforward. I should be keeping this one for the full 2 years, so I am sorry to day that this is the 3rd and final installment of the new phone blogs. hehe. For those wondering, I got a Blackjack 2 att phone. It is pink and silver with cute little dots. :) I like it a lot!


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Dena said...

oh, i love the new phone. i'm so in love with a pink blackberry that i saw at verizon a couple of weeks ago. must have it.