Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And now for something (or should I say someone...) new! :)

I wanted to wait until Brodie got his 1 year alone on my blog before he had to share the spotlight....

We are pregnant again! :) I found out on Sept 1st that we are expecting another little bundle of joy and although not totally expected (we jumped the gun about 5 months) we are extremely excited!

I'm due May 14, 2012 and am currently 9w2d pregnant. I've had 3ob appointments, 2 of which I got an ultrasound at. 2 weeks ago I had this ultrasound and the saw baby's heartbeat and baby measured 10mm.

Just 2 weeks later (today) I got this ultrasound and baby is doing great! This time baby was 23-24mm, had a great heartbeat, and was measuring right on track at 9w2d. I could even see little arms/legs. I have a check up appointment in a month.

I am feeling much more nauseous with this pregnancy than with Brodie. The nausea hits worst in the morning and around dinner time, with waves throughout the day as well. I haven't thrown up, but at times I think it would be better if I did. This nausea has resulted in me actually losing 6 pounds since I got pregnant, which I'm not complaining about. :P I started the pregnancy at 6lbs less than I did with Brodie so I don't have baby weight left over from him that I'm tacking onto this one.

I am also WAY more tired this time than last time. I attribute this to having to chase Brodie around and not being able to nap as much as I was able to with Brodie. This is also obviously a symptom of the first trimester, so hopefully both the nausea and tiredness subside in the next month or so! :)

This time we are going to find out the sex just to see how that experience is. We should find out right around Christmas and if it's before I'd like to unwrap the sex on Christmas morning. I'm totally thinking girl this time and Nick is thinking boy. I'd love 2 boys but the more I think about it I would love love love a girl too. I don't know what else to say except that we are very excited to be adding to our family again (and final time). Since this is my last pregnancy I will try to enjoy every phase of it and document it carefully. :) I can't wait to meet our new little one.

Until next time!

A year of Brodie in pictures

As you know I've taken monthly pictures of Brodie. I compiled them into a collage so I could see them side by side. It's crazy seeing him change month to month!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brodie is One Year Old!!!!!!!

My little baby is not so little anymore! Mr. Brodie turned 1 year old on Sunday. I can't believe that it's already been a year since I gave birth to my amazing son whose head fit in the palm of my hand. How far we have come.

Today we had to go to Brodie's 1 year check up. The stats are as follows:

-Weight: 19lb 13oz (up from 16lb 9oz at 9 months) and according to the doctors that puts him at the 10%tile

-Length: 30.5 inches (up from 27.5in at 9 months) which makes him in the 72%ile! Finally! We always knew he was tall and now he is showing it. :) He definitely gets that from his daddy.

-Head Circumference: 18 inches (up from 17.6in at 9 months) which is the 29%ile.

The doctor gave Brodie a thorough check up and said that he was healthy and looked like he was an active little guy with a super fast metabolism. I'm glad he didn't seem concerned about weight like the other doctor. He told me not to worry too much if he didn't like cow's milk (he hasn't been very interested). He told me to just keep trying and if he really doesn't take to it then just up his dairy intake via yogurt/cottage cheese/cheese instead. He also told me that I could substitute with soy if needed (in case Brodie demonstrates a lactose allergy). I also asked about introducing nuts/peanut butter because of Nick's sunflower seed allergy. He said it's ok because they aren't in the same family and that if I wanted I can introduce peanut butter between 12-18mo. Lastly I asked about middle of the night wake ups and he confirmed that I could let him CIO if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He told me to just go in there every 5-10 min and soothe him until he falls back asleep.

Brodie also got 4 shots today, my poor boy! He got Hep A, MMR, Pneummococcal, and the flu shot. He has been super tired all day (took a 3 hour nap and then an hour and a half long nap just now). I think he's trying to re-cooperate.

We had Brodie's birthday party on Sunday and were blessed to be around family and friends for good food, conversation, and company. He was spoiled with gifts (which he is playing with as we speak) and did so great during the party. He was happy and awake the entire time! Brodie loved his mini cake, loved playing with bubbles, loved all the attention, and loved ripping wrapping paper. 

Now for some recent milestones:

-Brodie is VERY close to full on walking. He will do 3 or so steps in between the coffee table and me, in between me and Nick, and walks like a ninja while holding on to walls/ anything he can get his hands on.

-Brodie has 6.5 teeth. The 7th one is on it's way in, just today breaking through the gums but not quite through through yet.

-He LOVES to talk and babble constantly. It's super cute that he thinks he is telling us things, I just wish we knew what he was saying!

-Brodie has also started trying to blow kisses. He has it all down except for pulling away his hand from his mouth.

-Brodie tries to put shapes in his shape sorter, tries to push buttons on everything, and is working out how to play all his new instruments. It's really cool to see him actually "playing" with his toys!

That's all for now :) Brodie's done playing on his own and I need to go change a poopy diaper! :)
Our family <3