Thursday, April 1, 2010

GREAT Check-up Appointment (13w5d)

So, up until today no really eventful things going on pregnancy-wise.  I did get my new phone, the Motorola Backflip, which is very techy and cool.  Also, on Monday I had a meeting with my instructor and found out that I got an A on my student teaching midterm.  Woot!  I just need to survive school until May 21st and I'll be D-O-N-E!  Anyway...back to Nano...

Nanobyte seems to be doing fine, and is not giving me any trouble other than restless sleep, tiredness, and some pain in my tailbone.  We went to an appointment today to get another update from Dr. Lasting and I was ecstatic with the news I received.

*First off, the nurse weighed me in (something that I am always anxious about) and I discovered that I lost another half of a pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This puts me at 1.5 pounds less than my starting weight before getting pregnant. :o)  Who would have thought that at over 3 months pregnant I would have lost weight???

*Secondly, I got my blood pressure taken. I think the doctor said 128/60, but regardless of the number, he was very very impressed by my blood pressure.  He said it was even better than his :o)

*Third, I got my "belly" or uterus measured for growth.  The second he touched my lower abdomen he stated, "Wow, you are definitely starting to show.  I can feel your uterus right here!"  He showed me where it was and I got to touch it for myself.  To me, it feels like a hard bubble in my lower stomach- something I never thought was possible to feel.  He measured my "belly" at 15cm (about 5.9 in) and said I was growing perfectly, right on schedule.

*Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time.  At first, I didn't hear anything and started to freak out, but after 15 or so seconds heard a little blurb (heartbeat-that I didn't recognize) and saw Dr. Lasting chuckle to himself and smile.  I figured everything was ok at that point and was reaffirmed with his comment, "Come on out...there is no point in hiding since I already heard you once."  After a little manipulating, we were able to get Nano to cooperate briefly and got a good listen at the fast woosh woosh woosh that was his/her heart.  It was so awesome!  Nano only put up with us for a bit though, and moved around again at the end.

Overall, I am SUPER STOKED at the results of this appointment!  I haven't gained any weight being pregnant and have actually lost some... I have great blood pressure and am measuring perfectly... and I got to hear my baby.  I have another appointment in a month (just a check up) and then will schedule my specialist appointment for the big anatomy ultrasound.  Til next time my friends!