Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I hope I crave when I am pregnant....

So, I have been thinking about foods I love and have discovered that there are a few that stand out. I really hope that I crave these while I am pregnant that way I get to eat them all the time and don't eat a weird combination instead. What brought about this thought was hanging out with my pregnant friend (who thought that fruit salad with spicy sauce sounded good) and eating one of the things on my list. Follows is my short list, perhaps I will think of more things later.

Things I hope I want every day:

1. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings
2. Mashed Potatoes
3. Creme Brulee
4. Mexican chili watermelon lollipops and "pelo ricon" candy
5. Peanut Butter M&Ms

Things I hope I don't crave:

1. Mayonnaise (WORST FOOD EVER)
2. Sushi (I love it but it is not safe to eat so I will have to be denied it, or stick to CA rolls)

Anyone have any stories of things you craved/hated while pregnant?