Thursday, July 3, 2008

My first attempt at creme brulee :)

Last night Nicholas was craving something sweet, and since he already went through his allotment of ice cream for this shopping time period he thought he was out of luck. I remembered at that moment that I had seen a recipe on Sam the Cooking Guy for "fake brulee" which is basically a simplified version of the creme brulee that we all know and love from restaurants. His recipe is:

1 vanilla pudding snack pack (I used caramel cream cause I didn't have vanilla... still tasted great!)
1 tbsp sugar

That's it... yep... EASY!

All you do is empty the snack pack of pudding in a little corningware dish (the white circle or oval ones with ridges) and stick it in the fridge for an hour. Then you use a tablespoon of sugar ( I think I used too much, what can I say cause I am a sweet tooth). Sprinkle the sugar over the chilled dish and heat til all melty and a little brown I guess with a flame torch thing.

Nick liked it, and so did I. We both agreed it tasted pretty good for just pudding. And it costs a lot less (since a thing of creme brulee costs like 8 bucks in a restaurant). I will definately be making this to impress guests when they come over. Shhhh, don't tell em that its just vanilla pudding! :P

Here is my dish before (well, after 1 bite out of it) and after (about 2 minutes later ... YUM)

That's all for now!