Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check-up and ultrasound (27w5d)

Hello to my few readers!

I am back from my wonderful Hawaii vacation and have been getting into the swing of things again. I had jury duty this week the day after we returned plus work 2 days and an OB appointment. Top that all off with working on the new house a TON (we are planning on moving out in under 2 weeks now) and I am JUST now getting a chance to sit down and write about my appointment that was Thursday morning. FYI I am dating this blog post for Thursday's date so the day's pregnant line up with the facts in the post (and not what they would be 2 days later). I'll bullet the info to make it short and sweet:

-I lost 1 pound since my last appointment (pre-vacation) putting me at gaining only 5 pounds so far this pregnancy. I am 28 wks (7mo) today at 2 days after the appointment so 5 pounds is not bad for being 7 months pregnant.

-My blood pressure was good

-I had an ultrasound to evaluate Nano's size since I've been measuring big the entire time. Surprisingly, all body parts are measuring at about 28 weeks (totally normal) EXCEPT Nano's head. Nano's head is measuring 2 weeks ahead (and was measuring 2 weeks ahead at my 20w5d ultrasound too) which means I'm going to have a BIG headed child! :P

-Nano weighed in at about 1200 grams, which translates to 2.65 pounds! The average baby weighs about 2 pounds at this my child is going to be a CHUNKY MONKEY at birth too. Dr. Lasting said, "I'm not going to aren't going to have a 7lb are looking at at least 8-8.5 pounds if growth continues like this."

-My fundal height was 32cm (measuring 4 wks ahead)

-The baby's head was down low in my uterus (like nestled near my pubic bone) and his/her feet were up near my ribs/lungs (which explains why I lose my breath sometimes).

-Dr. Lasting also measured the amniotic fluid and said that it was at a good level. :)

That's all the facts about the appointment (ended up not being so short and sweet sorry...). It was probably one of my favorite appointments so far (besides my 9.5 wk one) because the ultrasound was soo cool! Nano totally cooperated and let the doc measure him/her. I even got some good profile pics/pics of Nano's arm/leg. Nano was moving and kicking the ultrasound wand and waving his/her hand up by the face while we were trying to get a profile shot. It was so cute and cool to feel the movements while seeing them on the screen. :)

I'll have to write another post about Hawaii in a while after I go through pictures and let you know about that fun trip. Til then!