Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update on Life

Haven't blogged in 2  Sorry bout that, my bad!  I am gonna keep this post short too since it is finals week and I am drowning in stuff I need to study.  Three finals and 2 summer class online orientations left.  I will be done late Thursday night!

Last update on school I gave you said I was taking another semester to finish up unexpected GE requirements before transferring to SDSU.  That has changed to cramming all three GE classes into the already full schedule I have.  I am taking 3 classes this summer, 5 classes next fall, and 3 classes next spring.  Then, I am tranferring to SDSU next fall. :o)  Busy busy but 1/2 a year less of school! Woot!

The other thing going on is that I am getting more and more disgusted with my body.  I am sooo overweight and unhealthy that I am down whenever I look in the mirror.  I suck at going to the gym because I hate people looking at me there and it's hard to get a time when Nick and I can go together (I don't want to go alone).  I want to lose 100 pounds... and that is realistic because I was that weight in high school and looked good.  So, I am going to try something to try and kickstart my activity and weight loss.  How am I going to do this you may ask?  I am going to get the Wii Fit and the EA Sports Active Personal trainer!  

Nicholas, if you are reading this those are the 2 things I want for my birthday!!!!

The Wii fit takes your wii character and makes it match your weight/bmi.  Then you do all these activities and balancing things to get in shape.  I will be more motivated by this because it is an interactive program and I can physically see results.

The EA Sports Active is more like you are in a gym and they have a trainer give you a workout on a circut...all from your living room.  

I have attached the links for both (hint hint!) and expect to get these for my birthday.  Don't worry sweetie, I won't be offended that you are telling me to work out!! hehe

That's all for now!