Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zoey's 9 month post

Zoey, you are already 3/4 of a year old.... I have NO idea how this is possible since you were just born yesterday. Seriously, you have just grown up so so so so fast! You are almost a TODDLER!

Whew this month was full of craziness and changes little girl.At your 9 month appointment a few days ago you weighed in at a whopping 18lb 13oz (52%ile). What is even more impressive was your height at 29.75'' (98%ile!) You have gained over 11 lbs and grew over 10 inches in just 9 months, which is crazy to me. You are my long, lean girl and the doctor said you will be walking within a month!

You got your first 2 teeth this month!!!!! You got your first on Jan 19th, and your 2nd on Feb 5th. You have a top tooth that looks like it's getting ready to pop through sooner rather than later!

You have tapered off your nursing to 4x a day pretty consistently- Wake up time, late morning, mid afternoon, and bedtime. Most nights you do a nighttime nurse as well but occasionally you sleep through the night. I love that you are getting on a schedule finally!

You still eat 2x a day, but you also "snack" on cheerios and puffs daily. I'm SO happy you are starting to develop more of an ability for textures! :)

You are crawling EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE. You are a ninja and want to be wherever Brodie, Daddy, or I are. It's adorable to see you squeal and peak your head around the corner. :0

You also stand independently for up to 30 seconds at a time. You will pull up on something and then let go and just chill there, play with a toy, or clap your hands. I think walking is in the VERY near future. You already use your walker frequently and can walk over 20 feet at a time with it. Crazy girl!

Because of all this mobility, you are getting more tired. You take 2 naps a day now, a morning nap and early afternoon nap. Your (and your brother's) bedtime has shifted to 7pm instead of 8pm. For that your daddy and I are very grateful. I'm exhausted every night by the time you go to sleep.

This month you learned how to clap and how to wave. It is the cutest thing to see you wave as you walk away on your walker or clap when you get a bite of food you like!

You love to dance, and do so whenever any music comes on on a toy or on the TV. You are especially great at the booty bounce, and your cloth diapered butt makes the sight quite hilarious. :)

This month you accidentally got your first haircut...from your brother. He found the scissors in the first aid kit and got a  nice chunk out of the top of your head before I realized what he did. It doesn't look HORRIBLE but there is a very thin spot on top that poofs out because its so short now. I'm interested in how it looks when it grows out a bit more. Sorry baby girl, your brother is a ninja just like you! I saved it for the baby book!

Some things that happened this month:

-We did MANY park dates with friends and you love riding in the stroller with your brother.

-You use the bath like a big girl now, so we don't pull out the baby bath anymore

-You eat chalk whenever Brodie leaves it unattended....we are working on that :P

-You love kisses from your brother

I can't wait to see what this next month brings. You are so much fun now and definitely keeping me on my toes. Your daddy agrees... he swears he is going to be totally grey in 5 years because of worrying about you! :P I love you Zoey.