Monday, December 15, 2008

Disneyland thinks that I am special

How cool is that!?


Kitty Cat Fashion

My sister's sent me this picture of my kitty cat (who still lives at my parents because Nick is allergic) on my phone on Saturday.  They found a santa outfit in the Christmas boxes while decorating and decided it would be fun to dress up Molly (the kitty) like Santa Claus.  Please know that Molly didn't mind at all-she is a weird cat who fetches like a dog, drinks out of the bathtub, and acts like a human.  When she got the shirt on she just laid down and relaxed in her warm, comfy outfit.  Looks pretty funny to me!


Nick's cake baking attempt :P

A little over a week ago my sisters came over for dinner/hang out time.  After dinner, we decided to play a card game and Nick was craving sweets.  So, he went and got out a cake mix (Angel food) and some frosting (Confetti) and decided to bake a cake.  I gave him the advice to use 2 cake pans, since we didn't have the suggested bunt cake pan that the box called for.  He poured the mixture into both of the cake pans and stuck them in the oven.  

When he went to check on the cake with the oven light about 15 minutes later, we all saw that the cakes were about to overflow all over the oven because they had expanded so much!  Nick used his quick thinking skills to put a cookie sheet under the pans in case any unwanted spills occured (which never happened).  The box said to cook the cake until there were deep, dry cracks in the top of it.  Well, the time came and went and the cracks had not appeared.  We kept checking it every couple of minutes for about 10 minutes past suggested cake time, when I finally told him to pull the pans out because I didn't want it to be dry. 

The box said to immediately remove the cakes from the pans, so logically we tried to do that.  Unfortunately, the cakes were horribly stuck to the sides and we basically massacred them trying to remove them from the hot pans.  I think we should have greased the pans, even though the recipe specifically said not to.   Then, nick took the frosting and used a SPOON to frost the cake.  He put like half a can of frosting on (DEFINITELY OVER FROSTED! :P)  and served it to us as the whole cake on one plate for us to share.  

You know how cake is supposed to be soft and airy?  Yeah... when we went to take a bite it was spongy and rubbery.  I don't know what exactly went wrong or if the box was bad or something but it was really funny trying to eat it and taking pictures with it. :P  Here is a picture of my wonderful, non cake making husband frosting the "cake"