Sunday, June 26, 2011

Very belated 8 month post! (8m3.5w)

Hello all! I have decided that I officially suck at blogging. But, I at least need to get Brodie's 8 month post done before he turns 9 months old next Saturday (EEK!). I am going to look back on my pictures to see what we did this month, since it has been a blur and gone by so quickly.

On Brodie's 8 month day I was sick with strep throat so his monthly pictures turned out less than stellar. That whole week and the following weekend Nick and I were both miserable- he got full blown pneumonia and had to go to the ER on top of me having strep and an eye infection. The next week I had a gall bladder attack (confirmed by abdominal ultrasound) so this month has also been spent with me running around to various doctor appointments and getting a surgery date to get the sucker out! Brodie was a champ through his mom and dad both being sick, and we had a lot of help from my family during our sickly days! Here is the "best" 8 month picture.

Back to Brodie... he is now pulling himself up on us or up on the couch with little to no assistance! He tries to pull up while on the ground but doesn't quite have the strength to get up on his feet without my help to the coffee table or entertainment center.

I'd say the biggest "milestone" that has happened this month is him going from basically immobile to almost crawling! On 6/4 (2 days past his 8 month day) he started "scooting" using just the palms of his hands on our wood floors and dragging the rest of his body limply towards a toy. A week later on 6/11 he was already full on scooting using both his arms and feet! He pushes off the ground with his toes, making his legs and butt stick in the air a bit and uses his whole arm to help propel him forward. He can scoot pretty dang fast, and he follows us into different rooms of the house now. The next "phase" of crawling started on 6/21, and involved him getting up on his knees briefly and rocking back and forth on them. Last Thursday (6/23) was the first day he rocked for more than 1/2 a second. I believe it's only a matter of days until he figures out to put one knee in front of the other and is full on crawling! So crazy!!!! This is him after scooting over to see his hamster that Auntie Heidi is housing for him until his 1st birthday.

Some other things Brodie has started doing this month different noise effects. Now he "slurps" which consists of him sucking in his lips and making whatever noises he can by doing this. He also has learned how to use his tongue to do the lalala sound. Brodie has also gone on several trips this month, including to Sea World to see the new Turtle Reef as well as see his first firework show. He also went to the annual IHS picnic and to a wedding! :)

He eats a bunch of solids now (3x a day plus snacks if we are out and his schedule permits) and this month we have started adding chunks of food to his diet on top of the purees (which I have lost track of types of food I've done :/). Brodie now eats cheerios, toast, tortillas, blueberries, cherries, kiwi, strawberry, bell pepper, and so on! I've got to say he's in love with cheerios more than anything else though.

Lastly, Brodie started sitting up in the shopping cart on trips to the store these last couple of weeks and boy does he love it!! Overall he is observing more, playing more, talking more, and eating more in this month. It's crazy to me how fast time is going and how much of a big boy Brodie is becoming. I can definitely say he's not an infant anymore, but definitely an active baby. And, he is going to hit a year old in just over 3 months and enter into toddler hood. I think that he is growing up too fast for me~!
I guess next week I'll be writing about his 9 month pictures! Time definitely flies!