Friday, October 31, 2008

LA Weekend Getaway

Nick and I decided that since our anniversary fell on a Monday we would celebrate it later on in the month with a bigger getaway. A couple that we are friends with was going to see the play Wicked up in LA and we decided to join them and make our getaway at that time. We drove up to LA on Saturday morning and checked into our quaint hotel room an hour before the show. We got a hotel only .9 miles away from the famous Panteges theatre, which was where the show was being held. We walked leisurely there and enjoyed a FANTABULOUS show. Seriously, probably the best show i have ever seen. It tells the story of how all the witches of OZ come to be and tells about their lives growing up. I highly reccommend it!! :D After the show we went to dinner with the other friends at Carl Strauss brewery on Universal Citiwalk. It was muy yummy. :)

The next morning we went to Grub-a little mom/pop restaurant located on a sidestreet of LA in a remodeled house. It was voted best brunch in LA several times over. I had a breakfast burrito and Nick got french toast. Then we went to walk around Olvera street and cruised the little shops for a while. Nick had never been and I had 2 times so it was quite the experience for him. Then we hit up the Farmer's Market" for lunch at The Gumbo Pot where I got what else but seafood gumbo! The last stop on our trip was to the Santa Monica Pier where we walked the length of the pier, took pictures, and Nick tried to win me a prize from an arcade game. :)

It was a wonderful weekend away and I was blessed to be able to spend it with my best friend in the world. I am so lucky that I met my amazing husband while still so young and that I get to spend every day of my life with him :)


My cute niece

This is totally random, but I downloaded the movies off of my phone and there was an EXTREMELY cute one of my oldest niece, Nevaeh. Seriously, this kid is a ham! I don't know if you guys have seen Hot Rod, but one of the lines in it is "I know, right?" It is being said all the time by our group of friends, and Jessica and I decided to get Nevaeh saying it too. :) See if you find this as cute as I do!