Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have lots to write about, but this just tops the list...

For memorial day Nick and I decided to make a special dinner and eat by ourself, since both of our families were out of town. So, we picked up all the fixin's to make blue cheese burgers (no, not premade ones, we did it all by hand). I made a side of shrimp scampi as well, but we were too stuffed to eat it. (Don't worry, I ate it the next day with my madre) I thought I would post some pictures of our creation on here for you all to drool at. :)

Here ya go!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I finally figured out something

Another semester almost done. I am happy I finally decided what I wanted to do. Child Development Master Teacher's Certificate. :) That sounds all official. Basically, this lets me be a preschool teacher, which I know I am going to LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE doing! I think my parents are finally getting onboard with it, and thats so important to me. I need to know I am making them proud. I finish in Spring 2010. I am finally certified GE so all I have left to take is CHDV courses, which is awesome because now I feel like I am going to be only doing the classes which I love!! Screw 4 year degrees... they don't mean anything anymore. I am proud of what I am doing and I want the world to know!!! :) So here it is. WORLD, I AM GETTING A CHILD DEVELOPMENT MASTER TEACHER'S CERTIFICATE. I AM GOING TO BE A PRESCHOOL TEACHER AND I AM TRUELY GOING TO ENJOY MY FUTURE JOB!

Whew, that felt good.