Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few more things I've observed/discovered (4w1d)

A few more things I've observed that people said I should post about:

-Any old type of "support" plastic bracelet (like breast cancer awareness etc) can be used to help remind you what side you need to nurse on next. Yes, usually you can feel which side is more full but at the beginning before your milk comes in and when you are super engorged it can be extremely helpful. It is most helpful for middle of the night feedings when your brain is not fully functioning. It is also helpful if one boob feels perpetually bigger than the other no matter which side got nursed on last (this is my case). You can see the bracelet in this picture:

- You can convert outfits that have buttoned legs without footsie bottoms into gowns to get more use out of them and make them easier in terms of doing diaper changes. Brodie's going home outfit was one of these and was newborn size, which he has outgrown. But, I can still use it as a gown for nighttime underneath the swaddle blanket or around the house to do diaper changes. Observe pictures below:

-When baby is crying go through the quick checklist of what could be wrong instead of getting frustrated that the pacifier isn't working to stop crying. Are they cold? Is the outfit covered in barf? Are they hungry? Are they wet? Do they just want to be held? Do they want the pacifier?

-Try and keep up on is seriously never ending and piles up so fast. I haven't mastered this yet. I currently have 2 baby loads, 2 of our loads, and 2 sheet/linen loads to fold. (Hey at least they are clean!). I already have another load of ours to wash and a half of a load of baby stuff... and I just did laundry 2 days ago.

-It's better to be over prepared than under prepared when going places, but to be honest you won't use about 50% of what you pack in the diaper bag. to eat!

Happy Halloween! (4w1d)

Happy Halloween from Nick, Brodie, and Me! We are spending the day relaxing as a family and tonight will be passing out candy to any trick-or-treaters. I can't believe that Brodie is already over 4 weeks old. We are having a blast being parents to our precious little boy.