Monday, August 4, 2008

~New phone- Part 3~

Ok ok, you guys are going to think I am crazy. I have yet ANOTHER new phone. This one wasn't because of bad reception or faulty devices, but merely because I wanted another phone. Haha. I am not usually one who needs the newest technology, that is my husband. But, I was having trouble keeping up with my schedule and remembering all of my appointments juggling 2 jobs, school, my family, and my social life. So, Nick suggested I get a PDA phone which allows you to keep a very detailed calendar with appointments and reminders that you can either edit on your computer or on your phone. It is like having your day planner right in the palm of your hand...literally! I am loving it so far, and love that it is so straightforward. I should be keeping this one for the full 2 years, so I am sorry to day that this is the 3rd and final installment of the new phone blogs. hehe. For those wondering, I got a Blackjack 2 att phone. It is pink and silver with cute little dots. :) I like it a lot!



For Heather's (one of my best friends) birthday we went out to sushi for dinner and then down to qualcomm stadium for an outdoor showing of attack of the killer tomatoes and the sequel. It was actually a ton of fun and interesting. They had people giving away free t-shirts saying "Killer Tomatoes can't vote but you can" or something to that aspect. I got one but I am too lazy to see what it actually says. We just set up a blanket on the lawn and my sweetie and I cuddled under more blankets while watching what are perhaps the 2 most cheesy horror movies ever! :) Great night! We even got to take a picture with the guy dressed in a killer tomato costume! :) I really want to do stuff like that more often with Nick, I really really really enjoy it!

7/11 = Free Slurpee Day

This is late but how many of you got free slurpees on 7/11/08? I always forget about it and someone inevitably reminds me throughout the course of the day. This year, my lovely hubby (I quite like the sound of that name) was the reminder. I went to get our free slurpees after work and they are LITTLE! They were in little tiny paper cups, not even a normal size. The worst part is the fact that when I went in there to get them there was a group of like 10 little kids all speaking spanish and trying to refill cups over and over again. Urg, I couldn't catch what they were saying except that they were "getting some for sister and brother." Also, there was a lady and her son in there and they were filling up the biggest size of slurpee and pushing away everyone else and being totally rude. The lady was even telling her son what flavor he was allowed to get. It was really sad but funny at the same time. The reason it was so funny was because they went to leave the store and the cashier asked them how they were paying for it to which they responded "It's free slurpee day!" Hey simply responded "Yeah, for the little tiny sample cups!" HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, I finally got them and took a picture for size comparison. They were yummy. I gotta put that into my calendar for next year so I don't forget. Look how tiny!!!


Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday dear Heather,
Happy birthday to me!

lol :)

So, July 14th was my birthday and I turned a whopping 20 years old. Woot woot! I am no longer a teenager. I am 20, married, have wonderful friends, and am on my way to obtaining a degree to become a preschool teacher! :)

On my birthday, we did a bunch of stuff. First, we woke up and went to Panera for brunch down in Escondido at the mall and got a GIANT drink (I got a Chai Latte and Nick got a Caramel Latte) and a breakfast sandwich. It was an AMAZING and relaxing way to start out the day.

After that, we took a scenic drive through the rich part of Rancho Santa Fe and then decided to go to the Zoo to have fun. :) It was a BLAST!!! We saw the orangutans, hippoes, lots of monkeys, snakes, tigers, birds, polar bears, and more! :D I took tons of pictures.

After staying at the zoo for about 4 or 5 hours and riding the skyline TWICE we headed out and went back to Escondido for Onami's sushi buffet where I ate more sushi than I should have and then some. I also had crab legs and they brought me a little personal cake. I saved it for the next day cause I was so full.

It was a wonderful birthday and I got a ton of presents (Spoiled really). Nick got me a fat unicorn t-shirt, the Wall-E soundtrack, the Wall-E computer game, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Anchorman, and all the treats I wanted throughout the day (like a coffee mug from the zoo and ice cream).

I have the best husband in the entire world. He spoils me silly! :)


My fight with Fellowes Shredder Company

Hey all:

Sort of a boring post, but I am excited that I accomplished this. My mom had a shredder, and it was a great shredder and she used it a lot. LOL. Anyway, she had it for years until she finally killed the motor. She called the company and they told her that for a mere 30 dollars they could give her a brand new shredder of comparable value because they didn't make the motor for the one that broke. The one they gave her was crap and didn't even shred 2 pieces of paper without jamming (even though it was "jam proof" and was supposed to do 6 sheets at a time). I called them and made them send her a new one, thinking maybe just that one might be broken. They sent us another one (same model) for free (go me) and it was just as crappy. It jammed and wouldn't go after just 15 pages of shredding. I called them back the next day and basically yelled at 3 different people until the lady talked to her supervisor and came back saying that her supervisor had to talk to his supervisor to ask about getting a better one. I made them, after a while and a few calls, send me the one my other boss has (which is awesome) for free and give me a 90 day warranty on it.

Here is the one that they said was comprable but was crap:

Here is the one that my other boss had that is actually a good one:

Quite an improvement, if I must say so myself... I am proud :) YAY ME!

Wall-E ( AKA cutest/best movie EVER! :) )

I went to see Wall-E with my hubby,aunt, and cousin on June 28th (I think) and I have to say... It is one of the best movies I have seen in a LONG time. :) Super cute for kids and adults! It has relatively little dialogue (literally none for the first half hour of the movie). There is an actual plot (not all just cute/funny) and makes you think/laugh/cry all in just an hour and a half. I actually went to the midnight showing and had a blast because it was my first midnight showing EVER.

My husband wrote a wonderful blog on it with more details, available HERE

My husband also wrote a blog featuring homemade Wall-E ringtones for regular cell phones and the iphone that I bugged him about til he made (hehe he is such a good husband). Go download them and use them for your ringtone/text alert tone... I personally have the Moe going Woah woah woah woah woah! You can find that blog HERE

I actually went and saw it again at the drive-in movies with friends and loved it just as much! Everyone needs to see this film! YAY WALL-E!!! Definately buying it when it comes out on DVD.


Miranda's Birthday Getaway

For my friend Miranda's birthday we went to the beach for a 1 night getaway in a pop up moterhome. :) We had a blast!!! We had virgin margaritas, played cards, and took a couple walks on the beach. It was nice to have a night away with girls, and no responsibilities. I don't even have kids yet, but I can recognize the goodness of getting away from it all. Here are some pictures from the night!

My mom will talk to ANYONE!!!

So, my mom has to call tech support for Quickbooks every once in a while because of bugs in their software (which she and I both use daily). Most of the time, the person on the other end is in America (she actually PAYS to ensure she gets a person who speaks english and is in the states, how crazy is that) but the last time she called she got a younger guy from India. How do I know this you may ask. Well, she put the phone on speakerphone and started asking all these personal questions to him. She asked questions like
*how old he was
*how many siblings he had
*if he was married
*how long he had been working in the company
*how much schooling he had
*what his favorite food was
*even questions such as "Do you eat beef? I thought beef was sacred in hindu culture!?!?"

Literally, for about 30 minutes she drilled him with questions and he was sweet enough just to answer them all while solving her technical problems. :) There is no end to what people my mom will talk to and get to know their whole life story. :) I love my mom for that; it inspires me to be more outgoing which is something that I have struggled my whole life with.

Not a hair virgin anymore

My haircutter lady (I know there is a name for this but can't remember it for the life of me!!!) finally convinced me to get peek-a-boo highlights in my hair for summer. They are a type of highlight that you don't have to constantly keep up and that aren't suuuper noticable. I like that because I am lazy and don't like going to the salon a lot. I also don't want to spend TONS of money on my hair and want to be able to stop when I want to.

Here is my hair with highlights in it (see if you can tell). :)


My Husband's Birthday :)

The first installment of the past due blogs.

May 10th (yah, I realize that that is almost 3 months ago) was my lovely hubby's birthday. He is now the ripe old age of 26 now (dang old fart!). I surprised him with a whole day worth of activities pre-planned by me myself and I. :)

We were awoken at 7am in the morning, not by an alarm clock but by construction on our condo parking lot gate. That was a little earlier than our plans, but it was a good thing because if we had woken up at 9 as planned we would have not had time to do everything! After we got up and ready to leave, I told him of the first installment of the day. :) We went to IHOP for a brunch because breakfast is by far his FAVORITE meal ever!!! :) Here is our glorious assortment of food :)

After that, I gave him his birthday present, which were year passes for him and I to the wild animal park. He loved them and I told him that after the next part of our day we would go to the park and just walk around for a while.

Then, we headed off to the movies to see Iron Man, which he had been begging me to see for about a week! :) It was really really good and he thoroughly enjoyed it too! :) Definately action packed and intense. After the movie was over, we went off to the Wild Animal Park and just walked around and enjoyed the scenery. It was pretty hot, so we tried to stay in the shade. Here is a picture of us in the bonsai garden.

And here is the lovely photo strip from the photo booth outside the park right before we went home. We had both never done one and always wanted to! :) Fun memories.

Long time no write...

I am so sorry for all the lack of writing this last month. The reason for the absence of posting is mainly due to an online summer class that was 6 weeks long and ended today. This was intense, but I managed to pull through gloriously (317/310 points) and now have a plethora of information on Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition as well as CPR/Pediatric first aid (which was a 1 day saturday class). I am going to be writing a bunch today (or more realistically within the next couple days) to catch you all up. I am talking about stuff from back to May. :) I will catch u up on my interesting life :) Promise.

Thanks 2 faithful readers! (My hubby and Dena). If I have more readers that I don't know about comment or email me that way I know you are reading! :-) I love meeting new people!