Monday, August 4, 2008

Long time no write...

I am so sorry for all the lack of writing this last month. The reason for the absence of posting is mainly due to an online summer class that was 6 weeks long and ended today. This was intense, but I managed to pull through gloriously (317/310 points) and now have a plethora of information on Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition as well as CPR/Pediatric first aid (which was a 1 day saturday class). I am going to be writing a bunch today (or more realistically within the next couple days) to catch you all up. I am talking about stuff from back to May. :) I will catch u up on my interesting life :) Promise.

Thanks 2 faithful readers! (My hubby and Dena). If I have more readers that I don't know about comment or email me that way I know you are reading! :-) I love meeting new people!


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Dena said...

Yeah! Glad you're doing so well with your studies, i never liked school, but i definately would have been hip on the internet classes idea, but i went to college back in the stone age when computers were still $10,000 and the internet was , what?, what's an internet?