Monday, August 4, 2008


For Heather's (one of my best friends) birthday we went out to sushi for dinner and then down to qualcomm stadium for an outdoor showing of attack of the killer tomatoes and the sequel. It was actually a ton of fun and interesting. They had people giving away free t-shirts saying "Killer Tomatoes can't vote but you can" or something to that aspect. I got one but I am too lazy to see what it actually says. We just set up a blanket on the lawn and my sweetie and I cuddled under more blankets while watching what are perhaps the 2 most cheesy horror movies ever! :) Great night! We even got to take a picture with the guy dressed in a killer tomato costume! :) I really want to do stuff like that more often with Nick, I really really really enjoy it!


Dena said...

look at you two smoochin, too cute. ah, young love, so sweet.

Thany said...

This was one of my favorite movies growing up! (I am a friend of Carol G's)