Monday, August 4, 2008

7/11 = Free Slurpee Day

This is late but how many of you got free slurpees on 7/11/08? I always forget about it and someone inevitably reminds me throughout the course of the day. This year, my lovely hubby (I quite like the sound of that name) was the reminder. I went to get our free slurpees after work and they are LITTLE! They were in little tiny paper cups, not even a normal size. The worst part is the fact that when I went in there to get them there was a group of like 10 little kids all speaking spanish and trying to refill cups over and over again. Urg, I couldn't catch what they were saying except that they were "getting some for sister and brother." Also, there was a lady and her son in there and they were filling up the biggest size of slurpee and pushing away everyone else and being totally rude. The lady was even telling her son what flavor he was allowed to get. It was really sad but funny at the same time. The reason it was so funny was because they went to leave the store and the cashier asked them how they were paying for it to which they responded "It's free slurpee day!" Hey simply responded "Yeah, for the little tiny sample cups!" HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, I finally got them and took a picture for size comparison. They were yummy. I gotta put that into my calendar for next year so I don't forget. Look how tiny!!!

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Dena said...

okay, first of all, we don't have 7/11's around here. what is up with that, is what i want to know. and also, the fact that you had a TWINKIE with your slurpee....nice! I love all things twinkie.