Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Worry Stone

Several years ago while on vacation with my family (I believe to somewhere in Arizona or maybe Lake Arrowhead) we stopped into a little gift shop on a day of perusing around town.  Something that caught my eye was a box full of smooth polished stones that were oval in shape and natural colors.  I asked the shop owner what the stones were because I had never seen them before.  He informed me that they were worry stones, something to comfort you and soothe your mind when you are stressed and uptight.  The concept interested me and since the stones were 2/5 dollars I bought a pair.*

My sister took one since she lost hers immediately after buying it and I stowed the other one away in my desk when we got home.  To be honest, I had completely forgotten about my little worry stone until a few months ago when looking for something in my old desk at my parents house.  I found the worry stone again and moved it to my office desk, thinking I would remember to take it home.  Well, I forgot to take it from there as well- until Tuesday that is.  On Tuesday I FINALLY brought it home to my house and set it on my coffee table.  I have found myself picking it up repeatedly throughout the day, while reading an article online, reading a textbook, watching TV, or talking to Nick.  I am amazingly surprised at how calming it is to rub the little stone.  It calms me, keeps me grounded in what I am doing, and keeps my hands busy on something safe and comforting.

I plan to continue to use this stone for a long time (or until I wear through it with my rubbing) and have it be a positive coping technique for stressful times.  I need more of those in my life.  Have any of you heard of worry stones?  If so, what do you think of them?  Would you ever use one?

*It should be noted that I don't believe worry stones are magical or spiritual or anything.  I just use it as an object to calm my nerves...a smooth rock :o)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd Anniversary!

Today, October 13th, 2009 marks the 2nd anniversary of my marriage.  I can't believe it has been two years since I united with my love for life and became his wife.  I know for a fact that I have married the best man their is: who cares for me, loves me, provides for me, and encourages me.  Year 2 went so so so fast, like 10 times faster than year one.

Again, ouir anniversary has been unconventional.  Last year Nick worked late, we drove down to Outback to eat dinner.  Then we bought Nick shoes-at which time he got a migraine, threw up, and went to bed at 8pm.

This year, I woke up at 6am because Nick goes to Riverside on Tuesday and was getting ready.  He came into the room saying that our water pressure was out because the water main was gushing water into the street.  I had woken up to the sound of "rain" and was surprised to see the sidewalk and road engulfed in water.  So, at 6:15am we both packed up stuff for showers and our day and went to my parents to get ready.  Then, Nick drove to Riverside and stayed there all day until 8:30pm.  Meanwhile, I worked during the day and had to go to class at 6:30.  I didn't get home until after 10pm.  Nick bought me Toblerone chocolate and a chocolate orange and we shared a piece of Toblerone while watching House.  He crashed on the couch shortly after the show ended and is snoring peacefully as I type this.  Poor guy.

One of these years we will have a typical romantic anniversary, I am sure of it!  Just with my being a full time student and Nick working so hard for our family it isn't possible right now.

Sweetheart, Nicholas, Love... You are amazing and I love you with all that I am.  Thank you for standing by me and loving me with all of my flaws.  I look forward to 99 more years with you, let's do this! :o)

Love you prince,

Love Heather

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beach weekend with the family (2009 edition)

This past weekend Nick and I went to the beach with my family for 2 nights.  We had a lot of fun vegging and sitting in front of a fire.  We were literally 2 blocks from the beach and took a nice long walk the second day we were there.  I love getting away from Ramona for a weekend and escaping to the tranquility of the beach.

Sardine Sandwich of love on the bed lol

Totally random picture that we didn't realize had happened until later on... pretty epic tho

Heidi doing a cartwheel on the beach

Hannah and Heidi Jumping for Joy

Sisters walking on the beach

Nick surveying the beauty

After several attempts (mostly my fault) we finally all got in the air!

Heidi chasing seagulls lol

Stealing a kiss on the beach

The view from our room!  Isn't it gorgeous!!!?!?!?!



An extension to my birthday, but also a short vacation, me, my hubby, sis-in-law, and 2 closest friends headed off to Vegas to explore and party for a weekend.  We had a ton of fun, got little sleep, and made amazing memories.  There is WAY too much to describe in a detailed post, and I have about 200 pictures so what you are getting is just a little snippet of the action! :o)  We did go on a roller coaster of death at Buffalo Bills, to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, to the Rio to see Penn & Teller, Cruised up and down the strip both days, and went bowling at 1:30am.  Woot woot for being 21 and getting to have fun under the Vegas lights!

Me sipping on my Margarita from Margaritaville

My lover and I at the Bellagio water show

Chocolate Martini at 2:30am

Melissa FINALLY made it from Wisconsin at 2am...we shared a drink to celebrate her making it safe!

Outside of Caesar's Palace by a fountain with the besties

A nice photographer took a picture of Nick and Me at twilight our first night there (with my camera!)

My big win of $16.81 (really $21.81 but 5 bucks was hotel money I couldn't cash out!)

Getting ready to go bowling in our casino's 56 lane bowling alley at 1:30am

Jess and I with our bling rings we won in the New York, New York Casino arcade

Melissa got a strike and did a twirl!

A mirrored-roof elevator up to our room made for a fun photo-op

 Nick and Jessica Playing Star Wars slots...Nick was so freaking excited!

 And last  but not least, Nick's big payout on Indiana Jones ($65.75 WOOT WOOT)

 It was an amazing trip, truely.  I could not have asked for a better time.  I can't wait to go back again and explore another section of the crazy city!


Emelie got hitched! :o)

My cousin got married on August 12th, 2009!  She and her husband Jose got married at the county courthouse with about 20 guests (our families know how to party!).  After the ceremony, which was short and sweet, we took a ton of pictures.  Then, the whole gang went over to Acapulco for the reception.  We feasted on a buffet of yummy Mexican food and celebrated with a wedding cake.  I am so happy for them and was honored to be a witness who signed their marriage certificate! :o)  And, I get to be an auntie again in November when she has her baby- Calixto! :o)

Congrats to Emelie and Jose Pacheco!!!!

Joshua's 3rd Birthday at Chuckee Cheese

For Joshua's 3rd Birthday, Nick and I wanted to take him to Chuckee Cheese and let him play some games.  Boy was he like a kid in a candy shop!  Nick and him really had fun playing the games and he even attracted some ladies!  We had chocolate cupcakes for dessert and just chatted for a bit.

Nick and Josh playing a jetski racing game (Josh LOVED this and played it like 5 times)

Josh attracting the ladies! :o)  There were 3 little girls watching him all at once, and I think they were sisters.


Josh and Chuckee

The sketch that Nick, Josh, and I did at Chuckee Cheese

Rei De Gado

For my dad and mom's birthday (this shows how much of a loser kid I am, since my dad's birthday is in November and my mom's is in April and we didn't go until July) Nick and I took them out to Rei De Gado for dinner in downtown San Diego.  It is basically a Brazilian BBQ place where you get unlimited meat; something like 16 different kinds are available!  It is a very expensive place (44 bucks a piece) but we made it worthwhile by stuffing ourselves to the brim! 

Here is my dad flipping over the indicator stick to say we want meat to keep on a coming!

And here is the padre eating some delicious fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon (we got like 4 helpings of that!)

And here is the SEXY Brazilian waiter who brought us pounds and pounds of meat!

It just happened to be my mom and dad's anniversary that day as well, so we got a complimentary dessert that we all shared!  My dad was in heaven (as was I) because we are both HUGE carnivores!

Awww...Mom and Dad with their anniversary dessert! :o)  It was their 26th anniversary!

Cute Josh is Cute!

Now for my Nephew's photo shoot! :o)

Isn't he such a ham!!!???   I swear, this kid is gonna be a model someday!