Friday, September 2, 2011

11 Months Old!

Ok here is the 11 month post not even a week later but at least it's on time this month. :)

Brodie is 11 months old today, and is as happy as he usually is. We went to the pediatrician to get a rash looked at on Wednesday and he weighed 18lb 8oz (15%). This was a new pediatrician and the experience was amazing! No freak out about weight, he actually involved Brodie in the appointment, and he was just super nice and helpful. It was amazing to have a doctor actually listen to you and not hurry you along!

Brodie is in the middle of teething hardcore, with 4 of those suckers working their way through. Two have broken through the gums already and the other 2 are bulging so it won't be long now. He seems to finally be less fussy so they must not be bugging him as much. He even slept from about 10pm-6:45am last night without waking up! That hasn't happened in a while. :)

The other thing that emerged this week is that he will put anything and everything up to his ear and pretend like he is talking on the phone. It could be a real phone, a block, some food, a glow stick, the remote, his hand, etc. It is really cute to see him beginning to pretend play and know the function of something. He even started to communicate with this sign. Yesterday I was rinsing out diapers in the bathroom and couldn't hear in the living room. I came out about 5 minutes later and Brodie immediately did his sign for phone and tried grabbing for my cell. I looked and had a missed call from my mom. He was trying to tell me it rang!

Speaking of signing, he is FINALLY starting to do a few signs. He understands a lot (food, water, milk, more, all done, diaper change, and sleep). He is actually starting to do the sign for milk and more which is freaking adorable! I'm so glad he is beginning to communicate his wants and needs with me. It is going to make it so much easier to deduce what he needs when he can tell me the basics. :)

I think that's all that has happened in the past few days. I can't believe my love bug is 11 months old and next month he is going to be turning a year old and entering the new phase of toddler hood! :)