Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pregnant Friends and Movement??? (16w1d)

It's been two weeks since my last blog...not the best but still not the worst it could be lol!

Since I last blogged I have found out that 2 of my good friends are pregnant as well.  Heather W., one of my besties, is due 3 weeks after my (in the same month and everything).  It will be so cool to go through this with her (especially since our hubbies are best friends too and we are constantly hanging out together) and for our children to grow up together.  Also, my old time friend (like since babyhood) Bree is pregnant as well!!!! She found out on Easter and is due the beginning of Dec. I believe.  It's really neat to be able to talk baby stuff with her and to chat about anything and everything.  Our hubbies have a lot in common even though they have never met. I just wish that she didn't live so far away and that we could see each other in person rather than being stuck only IMing and texting being states away.  Anyway, I am very very excited that I have 2 close friends to go through pregnancy with and share in this exciting time.

In terms of my pregnancy, I finally hit the 16 week mark yesterday!  I am excited that I am at this point for 2 reasons:

1. My baby has now formed the small bones in his/her ears necessary to make the ears function.  In other words, my baby can now hear!!!! That means I can start talking to baby (not that I wasn't already) and so can Nick!  I am planning on talking every day to Nano so s/he can get used to our voices and we can soothe the baby better when they are born.  I know my sisters/mom are really excited to talk to baby too!

2. Also, 16 weeks is the beginning of the normal period to start feeling baby.  Everything I've read says to expect feeling movement between 16-20 weeks (farther along if it's your first or you are heavier-which I am both).  I swear though, I think I am feeling little movements already in my lower stomach.  I can't be sure, which is why I am not telling everyone I am...but I'd like to think that I am! :P  There is apparently an experiment to see if you can get your baby to move here which I think I may just try tonight.  I sure would like to know what's baby and what's gas bubbles! :)

Nothing else too exciting is happening.  One month left of school and I think I can do it!   I also am sitting on another potentially exciting piece of news but don't want to jump the gun on it.  Can't wait til May 21st when I am done with school and can look forward to Hawaii and baby after that!

Until next time friends,