Friday, March 11, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Belated 5 month post

Brodie turned 5 months on the 2nd and it seems like he is becoming more like a "baby" and less like an "infant" with each passing day. This past week has consisted of Brodie discovering some new things with his voice, including how to screech and how to blow raspberries. While very cute and very fun, the screeching sometimes causes my ears to bleed and makes my head feel like it's going to explode! :P I love our little man and am so impressed by how strong and smart he is :)

Here are the videos of his "screech" and raspberries.

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weight Check (2 days shy of 5 months)

Yesterday was Brodie's weight check-up to see if the oatmeal had helped him gain a bit of weight (since he was so little at his 4 month check up). Right after we checked in, I sat down with him while waiting to be called back and he spit up all over his bib, my pants, and left a nice puddle on the floor. I asked for something to clean it up with and did so. He had already spit up 3-4 big times at home from his 9:45-10:25 feeding and it was now 11:30 so I didn't think much of it. Then, our name was called and as we were walking down the hallway we saw the doctor coming towards us from the opposite direction. Before we passed her Brodie proceeded to projectile vomit onto the floor and all over himself again. She saw the spit up and us as well as every nurse heard the splatting of it against the floor. The nurses said they would clean it up and told me to just get him undressed for the weight check in the room. As soon as I laid him down on the bench he barfed again, all over the bench/paper stuff. I got him undressed (nekkid cause cloth diapers are heavy) and we weighed him. He weighed... drum roll please....

12lbs 14oz!!!

The doctor was really happy with that number, because it was 1lb 1oz weight gain in only 25 days. He still is not even in the 2 percentile on the growth charts but she said he is following his own curve and that is good.

Then, I asked her how they check for acid reflux in babies. She said the studies were invasive. She saw him barf so much in the hallway and knew that was associated with more barfing (I told her about all the other times associated with the previous feeding alone) and that he makes a face when he barfs sometimes like, "Ewww that tasted nasty!" So, she said she was going to put him on baby reflux medication. She wrote us a prescription for baby Zantac and told me to give him 1ml in the morning and 1ml at night. FINALLY!!! I have been thinking we needed reflux medication since 2-3 months old and they finally prescribed it!

We have an appointment on March 21st to see how he is doing weight wise again and to see how the Zantac is working for him. Then, we have the 6 month check up a few weeks after that. :)

I gave Brodie the first dose of medicine today at about 9:30am and about 5 minutes ago was the first time he spit up! I'm praying the medicine works great and in turn he gains a good amount of weight. We are supposed to continue the baby oatmeal 1x a day with him since he doesn't throw that up and go from there.

YAY for encouraging news!!!!