Monday, August 2, 2010

Random update post (including appt update from last week)

This is a late post but I want the update in here for later...

*We went to Nick's uncle's memorial service on Saturday and I got burned....sad day. Here is a pic of us with Nick's cousin/his wife while there (me at exactly 31wks):

*I had an OB appointment a week ago (Monday, July 26th at 30w2d) and gained 2 lbs. That makes me up 7lbs this pregnancy.

*My blood pressure was GREAT again (better than docs and the nurse even commented on how good it was). It seems the farther along in pregnancy I get the better my blood pressure is.

*The doc had a hard time finding Nano's heart beat at the beginning. He would get it on the doppler for like 1 second but it was far away and not clear. He said it was because Nano's heart was right underneath my belly button. So, the doc decided to just flip the ultrasound on real quick to look at the heart and verify where the baby was. Right when he turned on the machine it was on Nano's face and s/he was smiling right at us!!!! :o) It was soooo cute and i could see how the face was getting more chubby and defined. Probably best image of the baby's face and it was clearly accidental. After the doc verified baby's heart was fine/location he was able to get a nice strong heartbeat on the doppler.

*I have another appointment next Monday. It's crazy that they are every 2 weeks now... and soon will be every week. I have less than 9 weeks (8wk5d to be exact) til my due date and it feels like it is coming up so fast. I am getting so excited!

*My amazing sister in law is giving me a co-ed baby shower on August 21st. It is going to be fun with all our friends and I am blessed that she graciously is throwing one for me. Also, my aunts are throwing me one for all the church ladies which will be more traditional. :o)

*Nano is moving a TON these last 2 days. I am getting constantly kicked and feeling rolling/movement. It's to the point where is see lots of movement on the outside for the kicks, but Nano isn't quite big enough for me to see when s/he is rolling completely over (but I sure feel all the pressure from rolling!). It's getting really fun to feel the movements and Nick is stoked when he gets to see/feel Nano.

*I think that's it for now, I am craving chocolate and am hungry even though I ate only 1.5 hours ago. Time for a snack!