Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Worst Cold Ever! (14w3d)

So, since LAST Sunday night ( a week and a few days ago) I have had a cold.  Throughout the week it has gotten worse and worse.  On Thursday I had my OB appointment which I already talked about and asked him what I could take for it.  He prescribed me Robitussin DM and throat lozenges.  I started taking those two things that day and Friday my ears began to ache and feel like they just wouldn't pop.  I attributed it to going up and down the mountain while sick and my stuffed up nose not helping the situation but Sunday afternoon the pain escalated and I was MISERABLE.

I asked my mom what to do (I love my mommy) and she told me I probably had an ear infection.  I didn't want to go down to urgent care with all the stupid people who party over Easter weekend so I waited it out until Monday morning to call the doctor.  I was able to just go see the regular doctor on call in town and he confirmed that I did indeed have an ear infection.  I was prescribed antibiotics that are safe for pregnancy and a saline nose spray to help clear me out.  He also told me to drink lots of fluids (which I was). 

I stayed home from school all day yesterday, having to miss student teaching (which I'm BUMMED about) and laid on the couch dutifully resting and taking all my medications at the right time.  I am feeling minimally better today, and hopefully a shower will help.

I am going to work today because it's the peak of tax time and I can't leave my boss hanging in the busiest time of the year.  If you could all pray that my cold magically disappears in the next few hours that would be fantabulous!  I don't think Nanobyte has been affected by the cold other than the fact that I have been coughing so much that sometimes my muscles in my lower abdomen hurt...

That's all that's new over here... I hope for a more exciting update soon.