Sunday, January 13, 2013

Zoey Belle 8 months and counting...

Zoey you are 8 months old!

Not too much happened this month besides Christmas little one, and obviously you getting even more mobile than you already were.

We went to see Santa (who you were terrified of) at the Zoo one night. We also went and looked at Christmas lights as a family. You are in LOVE with Christmas lights

Your first Christmas was very laid back and fun. We had our own little family Christmas and you got 2 gifts from us. We got you a little play camera that sings and lights up and a large bead caterpillar that connects and rattles. You were beyond spoiled at Nana and Papa's house later that day and at Grandma and Poppy's house the next day (we celebrated a day late because Auntie Hannah and Uncle Mike were gone on a trip).

In terms of eating and nursing, you nurse 6-7 times a day and eat 2x a day. You still need your food very pureed or else you gag. I'm looking forward to you eating table foods!

Some milestones we hit this month were as follows:

-You learned how to walk along things

-You now join brother in wrestling daddy frequently! It's adorable!

-You can sit up in a shopping cart now. This is a BIG DEAL because now I don't have to cart your infant carrier into the store with you in it or wear you. You LOVE looking around and joining Brodie in the cart.

-You blow raspberries like nobodies business!

-You are learning how to transfer in between two things (like the couch and the coffee table)

-You are starting to play with Brodie and he isn't attacking you like he used to. I was actually able to fold a whole load of laundry and put it away while you read books together in his room :)