Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brodie 18 month post

 Brodie hit the big year and a half marker on April 2nd. He had his 18 month well baby check up the next day and here are his stats and 18 mo pictures:

*He weighs 27lb1oz (67%ile)*He is 33in (71%ile) tall!*His head is 19in (I think- his paper is in the diaper bag in his room where he is sleeping).

In this past month we have done a TON of things! 

We went to the Zoo with him for the first time- he LOVED it! :) It was an awesome family day complete with a picnic at Balboa park afterwards:

We took him on the Poway train and now trains are his new favorite thing :) 

He perfected his scrunchy face! :P

We had a hang out day with cousins :)
Auntie Heidi took him to Julian and got him an ice cream cone:

Auntie Hannah fed him lemons:

He ate his first pork chop on the bone:

We went to the WAP with some friends and fed the ducks!

And we went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brodie at 17 months (Oh gosh I'm so behind)

Here is Brodie on his 17 month day :) He is such a ham! Some things we did between 16-17mo:

Boogied to music in Costco:

Styled our hair for a B-day party:

Blew Bubbles:

Played spaceman:

Climbed through tunnels:

The month was a blur, I'm not sure what he started saying/doing new...just that he was wild and crazy and I loved every second of it!


Post Catch up- Zoey check up 34w4d

Blood pressure still in normal range, but a little on the high side of normal (128/82)
Gained 2lbs putting me at +20 total
Zoey's heartbeat sounded good (OB didn't give me bpm)
I got my fundal height measured but he never told me, I'm assuming I'm measuring about 37

Zoey is kicking and moving and boxing around a TON. A million times more active than Brodie was. Next appointment will be in 2 weeks 1 day, and after that we go to 1x per week appointments!!! Almost done!

Here is my 34 week picture:

Post catch ups- Zoey Check up 32w4d

Good BP
Gained 3lbs making me +18 total
Heart Rate good for Ms. Zoey
Fundal Height measuring 35 weeks

Go back in 2 weeks for another check up :)