Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brodie 18 month post

 Brodie hit the big year and a half marker on April 2nd. He had his 18 month well baby check up the next day and here are his stats and 18 mo pictures:

*He weighs 27lb1oz (67%ile)*He is 33in (71%ile) tall!*His head is 19in (I think- his paper is in the diaper bag in his room where he is sleeping).

In this past month we have done a TON of things! 

We went to the Zoo with him for the first time- he LOVED it! :) It was an awesome family day complete with a picnic at Balboa park afterwards:

We took him on the Poway train and now trains are his new favorite thing :) 

He perfected his scrunchy face! :P

We had a hang out day with cousins :)
Auntie Heidi took him to Julian and got him an ice cream cone:

Auntie Hannah fed him lemons:

He ate his first pork chop on the bone:

We went to the WAP with some friends and fed the ducks!

And we went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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