Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brodie's Nicknames

Brodie has a few nicknames already (I didn't think he'd have any but I guess I was wrong!). :) Here are the ones that we use for him so far:

*Brodie Bear

I love our little Brodster!

Brodie's Songs

Nicholas quite often sings songs to Brodie using popular song tunes and substituting Brodie's name into them. I started making a list when I heard Nick singing one to show off his genius song making skills. I think Brodie enjoys his songs and he definitely likes music in general! Here is the list I have so far, and I'm sure there are more I can't remember.

My brodie co-o-ole (to the tune of Sun Eyed Girl by Beck)

Brodie like a melody in my head (Replay tune)

Brodie, Broooodie (Hey Heyyyyy by Train)

Brodie, you and me in our sport utility vehicles (Veggie Tales silly song)

Brodie...Broooodie (to the tune deo deoooo me light come shining on my home)

Beautiful Brodie (tune of Beautiful Boy song by BOB)

I'm a baby and I'll cry if I want would cry too if u were hungry like me! (Tune of It's My Party)

Sugar Pie Honey Buns

Put up your rock fist!

We also had a song about how much he barfs but I forgot the words lol.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another first happened last night! (at 7wks)

Last night (so when Brodie was at 7wks old) Brodie starting cooing "talking" in different tones. Before then, it was always just the same tone and one coo at a time. Last night, he continued to coo and moved his voice up and down like he was talking. It was soooo cute. He was in his co-sleeper and we were brushing our teeth. I think that he wanted to talk to us and let us know he was still awake and wanting attention. I have a feeling we are going to have a chatterbox child on our hands :)


Pediatrician Appointment Delayed Post (From 5w6d)

When Brodie was 5w6d old I went to the pediatrician with him. I wasn't planning on going in, it wasn't a scheduled appointment or anything. Brodie just hadn't a week...

I walked in for an appointment because the nurse had told me if he hadn't pooped in a week that they were going to give him a suppository. :( My poor guy! They weighed him when I got there and he weighed 9lb 12oz (a gain of 1lb 2oz in exactly 3 weeks). Then, the doctor came in to examine him. He said that his belly was nice and soft, he didn't seem uncomfortable (he was smiling at the doctor the entire time), and that he was gaining weight so he was ok. He told me to give him 2oz of prune juice with 2 oz of water in a bottle 1-2x a day for 5-7days to help with get the poo moving. He wasn't constipated, because he is breastfed, but he still said he likes to see breastfed babies pooping at least once every 5 days.

I felt very wary about giving my baby prune juice, but went and bought it anyway. I called my mom to ask her advice and voice my concerns. She suggested I try giving him an oz or 2 of water first to see if that helped. So, I filled a bottle with 2oz of water and gave Nick the bottle to feed him (it was his first bottle and I didn't want him confusing the food I give him with the bottle). Well, he got less than 1/2 an oz of water "down." By down I mean he gagged on some water, drooled a lot out the sides of his mouth, and sucked down a little bit. After he was done with 1/2 an oz he immediately starting pooping, EVERYWHERE. Nick was holding him and he pooped all over Nick, himself, Nick's office chair, and was dripping a puddle of poo on the floor. I bet he lost 1/2 a pound from it! We were so happy we didn't have to give him prune juice! Daddy and Brodie went right into the shower to clean up and he was fine from there on out.

Here is a picture of the puddle of poo (that's not including what was on the chair, Nick, Brodie, or in Brodie's diaper). It was pretty epic!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brodie's first laugh! (5w5d)

Today I was at my mom's house and had finished up working. My dad was in her office holding a very happy Brodie and I suggested he play with his toy. Brodie has this little jingle lion toy that he likes to hit in his box at my mom's office and I had been pretending to kiss him with it earlier which produced big smiles.

So, while my dad was holding him I jingled the lion and had it "kiss" Brodie 4-5 times before pulling it away. Brodie did a HUGE smile and then that adorable baby laugh that sounds like they are gasping and chuckling. I was SOOO surprised because I didn't think he could socially smile or laugh this young. Maybe my child is just doing these things a little earlier? There is no doubt in my (or Nick's or my parent's) mind that he is smiling at specific sounds or circumstances now instead of just gas. I don't mind the social smiles/laughing at all...makes me sooooooooooo happy to see him reacting more to us!

Here is a picture I snapped right after the laugh. He is dang cute isn't he?


Friday, November 5, 2010

I failed at NaBloPoMo but was productive today!

Well, It's only Nov 5th and I already Failed at NaBloPoMo. I didn't post yesterday because I fell asleep with Brodie on me at like 9pm and didn't wake up again til 12:30am. Oh well, it was good while it lasted lol.

In other words, it's only 1:35pm and I have been really productive today. I cleaned the kitchen (dishes, cleaned stove, and and counters), took out the trash, did laundry, vacummed, changed the sheets, and made chocolate chip banana bread! :) I did all that before 12:15pm and while taking care of Brodie- GO ME heh. Oh, and did I mention that I also got Brodie and I showered/dressed this morning and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast? WOOT

Ok, I'm going to go take a nap now... I need it!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miss Selah Desirae

Yesterday 2 of my preggo mama friends gave birth. Yes, that's right. They gave birth on the same day! One of my best friends, Heather, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Selah Desirae. I will save all the stats and details for her to post on her blog. Anyway, they came home today and I was able to stop by for a few hours to meet her and visit with Heather.

This was also the day that my Brodie and her Selah, "cousins" born exactly 1 month apart got to meet. They were bumped together while in our bellies many times, and Selah had kicked Brodie while Heather held him on her chest while still preggo. They seemed to enjoy each others company and cooperated for a picture.

Selah is dang cute, with bigggggg chubby cheeks and a very round head. She seems so small compared to Brodie, but really isn't that much smaller weight/length wise. It's nuts how much more alert Brodie is than her after just a month.

I can't wait for Brodie and Selah to play together and grow up side by side! I love having so many friends giving birth in the next few makes for an instant play group and lots of potential girlfriends for Brodie when he gets old enough.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy One Month Brodie! (4w3d)

My son, Brodie Cole, is already one month old today!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by during this first month and know I am going to be saying this for the rest of my life as he grows up before my eyes.

Brodie is growing up a storm, and is more fun to be around every day. He stays awake for much longer periods (sometimes for the entire time in between feedings now) and also has days where he sleeps for a long period. Last night, he slept from 10pm until 4am. This was nice for me, because I got a 4 hour stretch of sleep.

Brodie is exclusively breastfeeding, and looooooves the boob. He gets excited when I whip it out, and eagerly sucks on it to the point of over-stuffing himself. He spits up 3-5 times after every feeding, sometimes before he falls asleep and sometimes a few hours later when he wakes up. Not just a little bit of spit up either, I'm talking a large amount that leads me to think he isn't getting any milk at all. But, I know he is because he gained a pound in the two weeks between his ped. appts.

Brodie makes the cutest faces and expressions, and does the "smiles" that indicate he has gas or something so many times every day that it is hard for me to think they aren't directed at me. I know he can't smile smile until 6-8 weeks but I like to imagine he can.

Brodie is obsessed with sucking on things. He will suck on his hands, his arms, my fingers, my arm, my cheeks, my chin, and his pacifier. Often times he will be fussing (the very little bit that he does fuss) and we narrow it down to just wanting to suck on something.

Brodie likes to stretch like his daddy, and Nick sings him lots of songs. He is SUCH a great dad!

I love my little man and can't imagine life without him now. I am looking forward to seeing him grow and develop in the next month and see what changes between now and then.

I love you Brodie Cole! You have come into a very loving family, I hope you feel loved.


Monday, November 1, 2010

What is the definition of fast food?

I know this is a random question, but my husband and I were debating it yesterday. It seems like we discuss a ton of random topics now that we have a kid...haha. I guess anything for some adult conversation is welcome in our house.

It all started with me saying that Pick up Stix was fast food and Nick saying it wasn't. That led to a conversation of how we defined fast food.

To Nick, fast food is any place that has a drive through...if it doesn't have drive through then it isn't considered fast food.

To me, fast food is any restaurant that you don't have a waiter/waitress or leave a tip at. Basically, any restaurant where you go besides a sit down restaurant you'd have a nice date night at.

I posted this on my facebook to see what people thought and an overwhelming majority agreed with me. I'm interested to see what the rest of the world thinks. How do you define "fast food?"

Babywearing is AWESOME! (4w2d)

Today is the start of NaBloPoMo... National Blog Posting Month ( I am going to try to write every single day for the month of November (that's what the goal of NaBloPoMo is) and document more stuff in our lives.

So, for Nov 1st, I am going to write about babywearing and how it is awesome :) We only have 2 sleepywraps right now (a soft stretchy wrap good for newborns and up to 18ish pounds). Both Nick and I have worn Brodie in them and he conks right out when we put him in. I love being hands free and having my baby safe and secure against my chest. I'm so blessed that Nick is into babywearing and willing to wear him as well. I think I convinced him to wear Brodie when he saw me loving being hands free and when he realized he could play video games that way! I have gotten better at putting the wrap on (both in speed and accuracy) and am more comfortable every time I put him in it. I am also borrowing a Babyhawk Mai Tei to see if Brodie/I like to use that as well. If it's a good fit for us, I will be purchasing one of them in the near future as well! Here are a few pictures, followed by a definition of babywearing and a list of benefits for babywearing:

First attempt at babywearing (Brodie is too low and my wrap was too loose but it's all good!)

In the wrap while mama cooks dinner- he was fussy about 2 minutes before this pic was taken.

Wearing Brodie while I am at work makes me feel better about working while he is awake (tho he falls asleep right when he goes in the wrap as evidenced above)

Using the wrap to go out and about with Brodie. This is at a park for Cali's first birthday party (he is my "nephew" on the left in the pic with his mom- my cousin). It was a bit chilly but the sleepywrap keeps both of us very very warm so we were fine in the outdoors for 4 hours. It was awesome to be hands free during the party so I could eat (tacos YUM) and visit with the rest of the guests without worrying about my arms getting tired.

Nick's first attempt at putting on the wrap and sticking Brodie in it (HE DID AMAZING). Brodie is dang comfy and Daddy is a happy panda.

Babywearing your child while playing video games...the ultimate Bad A dad!

I strongly encourage all preggo/new moms to babywear. Its good for you and baby! Check out these sites for a TON of info:


Babywearing is basically what it sounds like...wearing your baby on your body so s/he can be close to you and secure. There are a TON of benefits to baby wearing (Take directly from the sleepywrap website-

"Wearing your baby is incredibly helpful in integrating your baby into your daily life. Not only is it practical to wear your baby but it is wonderfully reassuring to know that you are providing the richest and most beneficial environment that you possibly can.

Carrying your baby-

  • creates confident parents
  • allows you to safely move about with your baby regardless of terrain
  • is convenient
  • enables better communication between you and your baby
  • provides security
  • is good for your soul
  • makes discreet nursing possible
  • helps you to interact with your other children and hold your baby close at the same time
  • allows you to decide who may touch or interact with your baby
  • aids digestion
  • allows you to go places, together!

Your baby will feel loved and secure. You will feel confident and free.

and the best of all...YOUR HANDS ARE FREE! You can cook, shop, paint, hike, sweep, read a book with your toddler, go for a stroll or even treat yourself to a nice lunch out in the town. "

Carried babies-

  • learn more
  • are allowed their necessary period of exterogestation which is often overlooked
  • become independent faster
  • regulate their own physical responses
  • are calmer
  • cry less
  • get a better view of the world
  • sleep better
TTFN- time to hit the hay