Monday, November 1, 2010

Babywearing is AWESOME! (4w2d)

Today is the start of NaBloPoMo... National Blog Posting Month ( I am going to try to write every single day for the month of November (that's what the goal of NaBloPoMo is) and document more stuff in our lives.

So, for Nov 1st, I am going to write about babywearing and how it is awesome :) We only have 2 sleepywraps right now (a soft stretchy wrap good for newborns and up to 18ish pounds). Both Nick and I have worn Brodie in them and he conks right out when we put him in. I love being hands free and having my baby safe and secure against my chest. I'm so blessed that Nick is into babywearing and willing to wear him as well. I think I convinced him to wear Brodie when he saw me loving being hands free and when he realized he could play video games that way! I have gotten better at putting the wrap on (both in speed and accuracy) and am more comfortable every time I put him in it. I am also borrowing a Babyhawk Mai Tei to see if Brodie/I like to use that as well. If it's a good fit for us, I will be purchasing one of them in the near future as well! Here are a few pictures, followed by a definition of babywearing and a list of benefits for babywearing:

First attempt at babywearing (Brodie is too low and my wrap was too loose but it's all good!)

In the wrap while mama cooks dinner- he was fussy about 2 minutes before this pic was taken.

Wearing Brodie while I am at work makes me feel better about working while he is awake (tho he falls asleep right when he goes in the wrap as evidenced above)

Using the wrap to go out and about with Brodie. This is at a park for Cali's first birthday party (he is my "nephew" on the left in the pic with his mom- my cousin). It was a bit chilly but the sleepywrap keeps both of us very very warm so we were fine in the outdoors for 4 hours. It was awesome to be hands free during the party so I could eat (tacos YUM) and visit with the rest of the guests without worrying about my arms getting tired.

Nick's first attempt at putting on the wrap and sticking Brodie in it (HE DID AMAZING). Brodie is dang comfy and Daddy is a happy panda.

Babywearing your child while playing video games...the ultimate Bad A dad!

I strongly encourage all preggo/new moms to babywear. Its good for you and baby! Check out these sites for a TON of info:


Babywearing is basically what it sounds like...wearing your baby on your body so s/he can be close to you and secure. There are a TON of benefits to baby wearing (Take directly from the sleepywrap website-

"Wearing your baby is incredibly helpful in integrating your baby into your daily life. Not only is it practical to wear your baby but it is wonderfully reassuring to know that you are providing the richest and most beneficial environment that you possibly can.

Carrying your baby-

  • creates confident parents
  • allows you to safely move about with your baby regardless of terrain
  • is convenient
  • enables better communication between you and your baby
  • provides security
  • is good for your soul
  • makes discreet nursing possible
  • helps you to interact with your other children and hold your baby close at the same time
  • allows you to decide who may touch or interact with your baby
  • aids digestion
  • allows you to go places, together!

Your baby will feel loved and secure. You will feel confident and free.

and the best of all...YOUR HANDS ARE FREE! You can cook, shop, paint, hike, sweep, read a book with your toddler, go for a stroll or even treat yourself to a nice lunch out in the town. "

Carried babies-

  • learn more
  • are allowed their necessary period of exterogestation which is often overlooked
  • become independent faster
  • regulate their own physical responses
  • are calmer
  • cry less
  • get a better view of the world
  • sleep better
TTFN- time to hit the hay

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