Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zoey Belle 7 months old!

Zoey, time is FLYING! This month the most notable things that you did involved going from not crawling to crawling! I can't believe you are 7 months old!

A week after you turned 6 months you would pop up on your knees every time you got on the floor and began to take one hand off the ground. That's how we knew you were close. Then, crawling just "clicked for you when you were 6.5 months old, on December 1st! That is almost 3 months earlier than your brother, and has resulted in me really needing to stay on my toes. :) Just 6 days after you started crawling you became proficient in pulling to standing on anything and everything... including your crib. So, Daddy lowered your crib to the lowest setting to prevent you from toppling out.

This month we had an impromptu Zoo trip with Auntie Hannah, and it was your first. Your favorite thing was definitely the sky safari, which we rode TWICE!

You are talking so much, you babble constantly and it is soooo fun to imagine what your voice is going to sound like when you get around to saying full blown sentences.

In terms of food you are still on eating 1x a day and only eating 2-3 oz at that meal. You love bananas right now, and make a mess every time we feed you. Hehe

Oh, and we put the Christmas tree up and you are all over it. You crawl over to it and pull on ornaments and admire the lights. I KNOW you are going to love Christmas morning when there are presents under there for you to rip apart! :)

Today, at 7 months, we had to go back to the doctor to get a flu booster shot. Because of this they weighed you. You weighed in at a whopping 18lb 1oz! I love you my not so little anymore girl! You are such a delight to our family and the perfect piece to complete my love puzzle.