Thursday, November 10, 2011

Done with the 1st Trimester!!!! WOOHOO! (13w4d)

I am FINALLY done with the dreaded first trimester of this pregnancy, and BOY am I glad! :) I was much sicker this time than I was with Brodie, and tired to the umpteenth degree. I'm sure having a one year old didn't help with the tiredness factor ;o)

My morning sickness is GONE! It was almost a "here all day every day" to "gone totally forever" overnight change. Of course I can't find the day that it stopped now, but I'm going to say around October 25th (at about 10wks2d). I'm SO grateful that I'm feeling better because that has resulted in a LOT more housework getting done and a LOT more food made.

I had a check up with the OB Tuesday (at 13w2d).  It started out a bit scary because Dr. Lasting couldn't find Kit Kat's heartbeat even after 5 minutes of searching meticulously with the Doppler. He said he thought the baby was hiding and said that he wanted to do an ultrasound to get a good reading. Well, that freaked me out right there because I thought something was wrong. I had to go back out into the waiting room until the ultrasound machine was available and just wait wait wait. When Dr. Lasting finally got me on the table for the ultrasound and fired it up we immediately saw a very squirmy and active baby on the screen. Kit Kat wouldn't stay still long enough to let Dr. Lasting get a heart-rate for more than 3 or so seconds! Dr. Lasting even seemed surprised at how active the baby was being. I mean, I'm talking kicking me repeatedly, waving his/her hands up and down, and completely squirming out of the ultrasound shot! I guess the reason that the doctor had such a hard time getting a heart beat (in addition to squirming baby) was because Kit Kat was hanging up near the top of my uterus (just below my belly button) instead of near the pubic bone like most babies. Also, my placenta is apparently anterior, I have a thick uterine lining, and I have a tilted uterus. All of those facts combined with squirming just made too much of a distance between belly and baby to get a good read. He said next time should be easier, because Kit Kat will be bigger and the heart will be bigger as well.

I'm so glad the ultrasound was a good experience, and that everything is alright with baby. I've never had an ultrasound at this stage so it was very cool to see how the baby looked at 13ish weeks. Dr. Lasting got a head/abdomen measurement of the baby while he had the ultrasound on and said Kit Kat was measuring right on track at between 13-14wks.

In terms of me, I'm doing well on the pregnancy front too. I gained 3lbs (making me at -3 lbs from starting weight) which is a good indicator that my appetite is back and I'm not nauseous all the time. My blood pressure was 128/80. Oh, and Dr. Lasting measured my uterus and I'm already at 16cm! The second he touched my stomach he exclaimed, "Oh ya, you are DEFINITELY showing!" He let me feel where my uterus was (it's like a hard ball that goes from my pubic bone up to a few inches below my belly button). I love my doctor and how chill he is with everything.

I have another check up appointment in a month (Dec. 8th to be exact). At that point I'll be 17w4d and at that time we will schedule the 20week anatomy/sex reveal scan with either Dr. Lasting or Pomerado. We are going to have whoever does it write it down on a card and we are going to open it on Christmas morning (if possible). I asked Dr. Lasting if we could do it before Christmas and he seemed pretty on board with it :) Just another reason I love him. <3

Oh one last thing. For the past 8 days (Since Nov 2nd, when I was 12w3d) I've been feeling the familiar little flutters and popcorn pops occasionally. :) I was hesitant to believe I was feeling Kit Kat move since I was so early but there is no mistaking it. The feeling is very unique and distinct. I personally think it's because of the way my uterus is angled, and because of it being my 2nd pregnancy with a feisty baby. In fact, just while writing this post s/he gave me a nice strong flutter. This is when I really start to get excited about pregnancy because I can verify daily if my baby is doing OK and be reassured that they are by kicks and punches.

I'll write when there are more updates but for now, that's where we are at. I have been taking biweekly pictures since 8 weeks but I'm not too pleased with my belly yet so when I have a bump bump I'll post one. The biweekly pics (so far at 8,10, and 12wks) are more for the progression collage I'll do after I give birth. :)

Til next time,


13 Months

Brodie turned 13 months old on Nov 2nd and is really starting to show his personality. No longer is he a "baby," but instead he is turning into a little boy with his own thoughts and ideas about what should be happening in our house. I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I think Brodie is going to wake up for the day in a few minutes. So, in pictures, here is what we've been up to this past month:


Learning to feed himself

Practicing brushing his teeth

Picking pumpkins

Carving pumpkins

Dressing up for Halloween

And learning to walk!!!!! That's right, Mr. Brodie Cole started to just take off and go all by himself (like at least 10+ steps multiple times within an hour) on 11/6 (last Sunday). I guess that technically happened 4 days after his 13 month day but it's very notable so I'm including it. :-P I haven't been able to get a good picture or video of it yet since he is very independent and decides to take off when and where he wants. I'm sure I will get it eventually!

It is SOOOO much fun being in this phase of motherhood. Brodie is talking a ton and really being an awesome child! :) I'm loving it.

Until next month: