Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am now Wisdomteethless

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday at around 4pm.  I didn't go under like most people because I was able to get them pulled in the regular dentist office with just numbing shots (although I did have 6 shots!).  They let me get numb, yanked them out, and then had me bite down on gauze.  Simple as that!  I had some swelling last night (haven't looked in the mirror to see if it is still there this morning) and a really bad headache. Luckily, I had some 800mg Ibuprofin to take care of that.

This morning I feel pretty good.  The pill from last night is wearing off and the headache/aching is coming back.  But, overall I feel pretty good for getting them out.

The most annoying thing is trying to eat.  Last night I got down the broth of top ramen and about 3 noodles.  Then, my amazing husband went to the store to get me some soft foods.  He picked up a small chocolate frosty from Wendys and I was able to eat the whole thing because it melted. :o)

This morning I am working on a breakfast shake that my husband made me out of blueberry yogurt, a banana, and some milk.  I'm doing pretty good, other than the fact I have been trying to drink it for 45 minutes and still have a quarter left :-P

I hope I can eat real food soon!  I miss meat!