Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remembering the good old favorite disney movies!

An interesting topic came up today on the radio.

I was listening to The Mikey Show on Rock 105.3fm this morning and an interesting debate came up.  Each person on the show was trying to convince the others of their top 5 Disney Movies.  Of course, no one agreed on the same 5 and much arguing ensued.  After I heard theirs that inspired me to create my own "top 5" lists.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of movies so I decided to make my top 5 digitally animated list and my top 5 classically animated list. :) I found a complete listing of Disney movies by year here.  Here are my lists:


1.  Wall-E
2.  Finding Nemo
3.  The Incredibles
4.  Meet the Robinsons
5.  Ratatouille


1.  The Lion King
2.  Beauty and the Beast
3.  The Jungle Book
4.  Basil-The Great Mouse Detective
5.  Peter Pan
***The Aristocats, Tarzan, The Rescuers Down Under, Pinocchio, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin were on my list but I couldn't fit them in my top 5 :o( *** 

Oh yeah, and I have to include Fantasia on this post even though it doesn't fall into either category (It is part live acting, part animation, part concert!)  That movie mesmerized me so many times with the colorful scenes and amazing music.  We watched that movie so many times that we broke the VHS tape from wear and tear! :o)

What are your favorite Disney movies of all time?  I decided that I wanted to do 2 lists, but are you able to get down to top 5 of all time???  



PS- I am going to convince my husband shortly that we need to start slowly buying all of my favorite Disney movies :o)  I want my kids to watch them :o)  Oh, and I will totally watch them too!