Monday, December 15, 2008

Disneyland thinks that I am special

How cool is that!?


Kitty Cat Fashion

My sister's sent me this picture of my kitty cat (who still lives at my parents because Nick is allergic) on my phone on Saturday.  They found a santa outfit in the Christmas boxes while decorating and decided it would be fun to dress up Molly (the kitty) like Santa Claus.  Please know that Molly didn't mind at all-she is a weird cat who fetches like a dog, drinks out of the bathtub, and acts like a human.  When she got the shirt on she just laid down and relaxed in her warm, comfy outfit.  Looks pretty funny to me!


Nick's cake baking attempt :P

A little over a week ago my sisters came over for dinner/hang out time.  After dinner, we decided to play a card game and Nick was craving sweets.  So, he went and got out a cake mix (Angel food) and some frosting (Confetti) and decided to bake a cake.  I gave him the advice to use 2 cake pans, since we didn't have the suggested bunt cake pan that the box called for.  He poured the mixture into both of the cake pans and stuck them in the oven.  

When he went to check on the cake with the oven light about 15 minutes later, we all saw that the cakes were about to overflow all over the oven because they had expanded so much!  Nick used his quick thinking skills to put a cookie sheet under the pans in case any unwanted spills occured (which never happened).  The box said to cook the cake until there were deep, dry cracks in the top of it.  Well, the time came and went and the cracks had not appeared.  We kept checking it every couple of minutes for about 10 minutes past suggested cake time, when I finally told him to pull the pans out because I didn't want it to be dry. 

The box said to immediately remove the cakes from the pans, so logically we tried to do that.  Unfortunately, the cakes were horribly stuck to the sides and we basically massacred them trying to remove them from the hot pans.  I think we should have greased the pans, even though the recipe specifically said not to.   Then, nick took the frosting and used a SPOON to frost the cake.  He put like half a can of frosting on (DEFINITELY OVER FROSTED! :P)  and served it to us as the whole cake on one plate for us to share.  

You know how cake is supposed to be soft and airy?  Yeah... when we went to take a bite it was spongy and rubbery.  I don't know what exactly went wrong or if the box was bad or something but it was really funny trying to eat it and taking pictures with it. :P  Here is a picture of my wonderful, non cake making husband frosting the "cake"



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Trees

I grew up with the tradition that every year we get a new, real Christmas tree. It was tradition to cut it down with the family and decorate it together. Now, after getting married to Nick, things have changed. He grew up with a fake tree, mostly because of his horrible allergies. We tried a real one last year (Ya know, went and cut down one that we picked out) and I saw just how bad his allergies were. Not to mention the fact that it cost us like 30 bucks for the most little, lopsided tree EVER. Check my blog posts from last December to see it. So, this year I finally surrendered and said we could get a fake tree, if I knew it would look good. On Black Friday we went to Home depot because I saw several sales on them, and lo and behold what did I find? A 7.5 foot pre-lit fake tree for 49.99! We put it up and I have to say it is beautiful. All other comprable ones (that in my opinion didn't look as good) were 350-400 dollars so I am stoked we got it for so cheap! Here is a picture of the tree with just the lights on, with Nick standing next to it for comparison (He is 6 foot 2 or 3 inches). And 2 after pictures, decorated and pretty. :o)

Monday, December 1, 2008

School and feelings

I am going to be really really happy when this semester is done. It has been an awesome semester, full of learning new things, but really busy. I have never taken all child development classes before; every other semester it has been GE and one CHDV class. I have really enjoyed my teachers this semester and the different styles of teaching. But, by the end of every semester I am drained. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Today I have reached that point. After printing out 80 pages of typed homework this weekend, I don't know how much more I can take. I have 4 tests, a huge advocacy project, an observation journal, and a notebook project left. To be honest, I feel like I am over the hump of a ton of work...but looking at this I get overwhelmed again. :o(

I hate feeling overwhelmed. I hate feeling hopeless. I hate feeling out of control. I hope that these feelings go away soon, as they have been back for about a week and a half. I need to control myself, and keep calm. I need to lean on my support to get through this, and above all rely on God. I thought that I was over this- over the weirdness- over the ridiculous feelings and thoughts. Guess not.

Sorry, this was a rant. Feel free to ignore.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Write Love on Her Arm Day

If you guys didn't know, today (November 13th) is To Write Love on Her Arm Day (TWLOHA). TWLOHA is an organization that provides hope and information to those struggling with suicide, self harm, depression, and hopelessness. On this day, you are supposed to write "LOVE" on your arm and if people ask why you have it there, you can talk to them about the subject. As a Christian, I would also use this as an opportunity to share Christ with strangers.

I wrote "LOVE" on my left arm today (as shown to the right), and though I didn't go anywhere or get asked I am reminded that I am loved every time i see it. :o)

Depression, Self-Harm, and Suicide are all topics considered taboo in today's culture, but they affect so many people in the United States and around the world. As someone who has had personal experience with struggling with these issues I really appreciate that an organization exists to try and make this subject less taboo. If you ever suspect that anyone you know is dealing with these problems, please reach out and show love. You may save their life and make more of an impact then you will ever know.

I am glad I am loved, and want to give anyone who wants a hug a hug :o)

Please support TWLOHA day in the future, and remember to keep your heart open to being someone's support.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

God is AMAZING!!!

Wow... God shows me things every day!

Just take birth for example. Even when babies come out very premature, like my nephew, God takes care of them and they bounce back to be perfectly healthy children. The intricacies of the human body astound me... God sure knows what he is doing.

Here is Josh at birth:

And as of last week (2 years 3 months):

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008 :-)

This Halloween was very laid back and simple. I didn't really dress up, but rather wore a little Japanese like cartoon kitty cat hat to our church harvest festival. Before we left for that, my nephew and sister/mother in law came over for pictures. He was a little doggy and suuuuuuper cute!

At the Halloween festival we just walked around, said hi to our nieces, and saw some friends. Man, aren't me and my friends made for each other?

After the harvest festival, our friends Michael and Natalie invited us to go to dinner with them (at like 9pm) and we happily agreed. We went to Nuevo Grill and ate while discussing politicals and our lives for about an hour and a half. We finally left when we looked up and were the last people in the entire restaurant. :) Nick and I came home and I passed out from tiredness. I was so tired that when Nick decided to go to bed and tried to wake me up I didn't budge. I woke up at 4:30am and finally went to bed in bed. :P

How was all of your guys halloween?


Friday, October 31, 2008

LA Weekend Getaway

Nick and I decided that since our anniversary fell on a Monday we would celebrate it later on in the month with a bigger getaway. A couple that we are friends with was going to see the play Wicked up in LA and we decided to join them and make our getaway at that time. We drove up to LA on Saturday morning and checked into our quaint hotel room an hour before the show. We got a hotel only .9 miles away from the famous Panteges theatre, which was where the show was being held. We walked leisurely there and enjoyed a FANTABULOUS show. Seriously, probably the best show i have ever seen. It tells the story of how all the witches of OZ come to be and tells about their lives growing up. I highly reccommend it!! :D After the show we went to dinner with the other friends at Carl Strauss brewery on Universal Citiwalk. It was muy yummy. :)

The next morning we went to Grub-a little mom/pop restaurant located on a sidestreet of LA in a remodeled house. It was voted best brunch in LA several times over. I had a breakfast burrito and Nick got french toast. Then we went to walk around Olvera street and cruised the little shops for a while. Nick had never been and I had 2 times so it was quite the experience for him. Then we hit up the Farmer's Market" for lunch at The Gumbo Pot where I got what else but seafood gumbo! The last stop on our trip was to the Santa Monica Pier where we walked the length of the pier, took pictures, and Nick tried to win me a prize from an arcade game. :)

It was a wonderful weekend away and I was blessed to be able to spend it with my best friend in the world. I am so lucky that I met my amazing husband while still so young and that I get to spend every day of my life with him :)


My cute niece

This is totally random, but I downloaded the movies off of my phone and there was an EXTREMELY cute one of my oldest niece, Nevaeh. Seriously, this kid is a ham! I don't know if you guys have seen Hot Rod, but one of the lines in it is "I know, right?" It is being said all the time by our group of friends, and Jessica and I decided to get Nevaeh saying it too. :) See if you find this as cute as I do!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why so serious???

I saw this in a drive-thru Starbucks on my break at school last week. I don't think the barista knew about it and it didn't last until Saturday when Nick and I went through to get energy boosts for the drive up to LA. I am glad I was able to snap a pic before they put it down :)

Enjoy :)



I woke up yesterday feeling quite horrible and decided to come home from school after my first class. Nick IMed me while I was in my first class and informed me that he was bringing me home a present. Of course I got super excited and anxious. :)

When Nick got home he had to make 2 trips to the car and came back in with a full aquarium set. He got:
-three gallon aquarium
-rock/plant decoration
-water declorinator
-fish food

I was so stoked and amazed that he made the effort and thought so hard and long about exactly what type of stuff to get me. I must say that he picked out the perfect everything, since I have never seen an aquarium like the one he got. He also got the coolest rock decoration ever. The only thing he didn't get was the actual fish, because he wanted me to pick them out. I sought advice from a friend who works in a pet store and she told me the perfect type to get. I went this morning and picked out 2 zebra danios and a red ghost shrimp. She said that those are good hearty starters and that if I keep them alive for a few weeks I get to get some more kinds. My tank can hold 6-7 little fishies. I want 3 red neon tetras and 2 male guppies and am really impatient... I WANT THEM NOW!!!!! :P

Anyway, I am in love with my fishies and shrimp already. They are definately cool.

Here is the picture of the tank:

And of my fishies:

And of my shrimp: :)

Look for another post in a couple of weeks with ALL the fishies :D


My weight loss update

I am writing this in my estinky gym clothes after working out this morning. I have been working out for 3 weeks now, but am tracking from 2 weeks ago, when I had my first formal training session with a professional and they told me exactly what I weigh/what I need to do/how many calories to eat.

I lost 4.5 pounds and 2.1% body fat. WHOOHOO!

More blog posts coming soon about my exiting life, but I wanted everyone to share in my joy! :D


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potty Training, the Japanese way!

I found this video while reading about inappropriate kid's shows. I don't know, it seems like it would make the child feel good about themselves and what they are doing in terms of potty training. But, from an adult's point of view it is really really creepy/weird. I mean, when you draw smiley faces on pee and poo it is bound to freak out some people! And at the end apparently it is an advertisement for a potty training aid that they sell over there... watch and see for yourself. Nick and I were dying!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Today is our first anniversary. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It seems like just yesterday we were walking down the aisle and driving off to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon. :) The year has been awesome, and though many say the first year is the hardest because of adjustment stuff, we didn't have any problems at all :) I can truely say that I fall more in love with my husband every day and that I look forward to being with him literally "until death do us part."


Here are my 2 favorite candid shots that the photographer got at the wedding. :) Enjoy! :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Look how much weight my husband has lost since I met him :)

Pictures speak for themselves. The first is 4 years ago in Vegas when he went on a trip with friends. The second picture is from the end of August this year. I chose these two pictures because they properly show the same pose. The only 2 differences are how much skinnier he is (and he is gonna lose more weight shortly...GOOOOOOOOOO GYM!) and the person he is standing next to is much much much prettier :P

Doctor Visit

Today I went to the doctor again (I went yesterday at 8:45) to get blood drawn. I have been really tired lately, like to the point where i take 2-3 naps a day. Wrong right? I actually just woke up from an hour long nap and that is only because Nick woke me up. I needed to do a paper.

So, the doctor talked to me about all my symptoms and suggested that it may be a couple things. She (as well as the nurse and my mom) think that I have anemia so she wanted me to get my blood tested for that. She also thought it may be a thyroid problem. Both of those things will be revealed by the blood work I got done today. She suggested sleep apnea as well, but I am 99% sure I don't have that. She told me to have Nick watch me sleep to see if I demonstrate signs of it.

I also have been having tingling in my fingertips the last couple of months. She did a few movements with my wrist to see if she could replicate it. That means, she said, that I probably have carpal tunnel. I need to document when they get tingly and what I am doing at the time. Next time I see her we are going to go over it.

Lastly, she wanted me to fast from midnight last night til I got the blood work done this morning so when she tested for the anemia and thyroid stuff she could check my cholesterol and blood sugar at the same time.

I will have results on monday. Pray they find something so they can fix it :)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

It has officially begun

Nick and I went to the gym today to sign up... we took the step. I freaked out a bit just seeing the bigness of the place, all the new machines, and all the experienced gym goers. But Nikki, the manager of the gym and sister of the owner, showed us around and assured us we had good reasons for going and would love it once we started.

With membership you get 2 free personal training sessions, and my first is next Thursday at 2pm. I thought i was just going to wait til then to actually start going but nooooooooo. My best friend Heather called me right after she found out I got the membership (she has one too) and said that she was going to walk by my house to "pick" me up for the 6am class the next morning. GOSH EARLY! I tried making excuses, which she refuted easily. So yeah, I am going to the gym at 6am tomorrow. Then coming home and showering. Then going to the doctor again (I will update you soon on that), then coming home again and eating b/c I am going to be starving. THEN, coffee with friends! :D After the funness of coffee I have to come home, bust my butt, and write a whole research paper. My goal is to have it done by dinner time, which is when my lovely husband is going to be taking me out on a date!!! :D I am excited.

I will post all the gruesome details of the gym tomorrow hopefully. If not, Saturday late at night!


It's a fresh new start!

As all of you guys who know me already know, I am no skinny minnie... in fact I am quite the opposite. I am fed up with being heavy (fat) and I am starting a new way of life. It actually started on Monday but I suck at updating my blog.

I am going to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off. I am going to eat better, drink more water, and exercise. EXERCISE! :) I have a meeting with the owner of the gym today with Nick and we are getting gym memberships. Woh doggie that is gonna whip my butt into shape! Literally lol.

So, what I am doing is cutting back a lot on calories while exercising so I can burn those pounds off. I am limiting myself to about 1200 a day (between 1200-1300) and making sure to drink more water. I know this seems silly, but even after 4 days I already feel less bloated and more healthy. Probably psychological but whatever... just go with it!

I found out by going to the doctor today that our scale is stupid and weighs really incorrectly (like between 6-10 lbs heavier). So, when I start going to the gym I am going to be solely weighing myself there. And, I am going to make sure my husband makes me stick to only 1 weigh-in a week. I get obsessive...

Anyway, I am really excited! I want to get down to 160 (or 150 if healthy) pounds. This means losing a LOT of weight but I am motivated. Any and all of my friends, please encourage me because I need it and please scold me if you think I am eating something I shouldn't be :)



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Everything (Almost) that happened the last 2 monthes

Hello again guys!

So I said I would stay up to date on writing... and yeah... it's almost been 2 months since my last post. I just am not too good at remembering to update it.

Quick update of what has happened since August 13th (in semi-chronological order)-after writing the blog I realized it is quite long... might take a while to read....

1. I went to Arizona for a big family reunion of Nick's family and a giant "summer" birthday party for 5 people (me included). It took 7.5 hours to get there and we got lost like 5 times and ran over a whole bunch of cute frogs and were in the biggest monsoon I have ever seen at midnight trying to find the house. Yeah... middle of nowhere is an understatement. It was fun because I got to see my nephew and sis-in-law but besides that there is really NOTHING out there to do. Oh, they have super Walmarts... that was fun! Nick's favorite fast food restaurant is Sonic, and there was one on our way home so we made a pitstop to get him some. Here is us at Sonic with the beautiful sunrise behind us, and with Nick's afro tree head.

2. I started school a week after my last post. I am taking all CHDV classes now, which is both fun/interesting as well as challenging. I don't have any easy classes to slack off in this semester...dangit. Here is a picture of my Music and Movement teacher. I think she is like 80 and she treats us like "gifted four year olds." Haha. I also have Introduction to Special Education, Infant/Toddler Care and Development, and Child, Youth, Family, and Community class. Twelve units in all.

3. We also celebrated my Great Grandma's 105th birthday party on August 30th. That was so crazy. I hope I don't live to be 105, I don't want to be miserable and I would rather get to see Jesus sooner. My Great Grandma must have been thinking the same thing, because this friday (October 3) she passed away at 5am in her sleep. She had a LONG good life. Here she is in all her glory. LOL.

4. I went to Magic Mountain with our church youth group as a leader and had a blast! I hadn't been in 3 years and they had a couple of new rides. This is me about to die on Tatzu with a crazy guy named Dave ... I cried...

5. The very next weekend I went to Disneyland with my friend Bree from TN, Nick, and the whole Winters clan. The park wasn't crowded at all and we got to go on a TON of rides. This is me, Bree, and Heather before we got DRENCHED on Splash Mountain. Apparently they made the ride wetter for summer, tho no one told us. I think our log was defective too, since water just poured in the sides at every turn and each drop sent a tidal wave of water (literally) over our head. Fun times.

Still 3 more things... hang in there.

6. We also had my nephews second birthday and he was cute with his cake. I just have to show him off.

7. On Sept 23 we got free tickets to a play at the San Diego Civic Theater to see "The Drowsy Chaperone." I had never heard of it but it was supposed to be good. I think I laughed harder at that play than any other one I have ever seen there. Here is me by the banister, as well as a picture of me with a GIANT chandalier that I love. I am there for size comparison.

8. Last but not least, Nick got free tickets to the Music Builds Concert last weekend for us and my sisters through someone at his old work. The guy is super nice, and when we got there we were surprised to see that he had managed to get us meet and greet passes (which allowed us to see Switchfoot and Third Day and shake their hands/talk to them) as well as All Access Backstage Passes. I have never got to do any special stuff at a concert and my sisters had never been to a concert so we were all amazingly stoked! Backstage was awesome, the bands were really nice, but most importantly there were 4 Christian artists that played and they were all AMAZING. Jars of Clay, Ralph Randall, Switchfoot, and Third DAy. I had a great time worshipping with all of them! Definately a once in a lifetime experience. Here is a picture of me and Hannah being dorks, a picture of Switchfoot's drum cover from when we went backstage, and an amazing picture of the stage/lights during one of the bands. That picture doesn't even do it justice!

9. And finally that brings me to today. My mom, sisters, and I had a girls sleepover last night because my dad is gone at men's retreat. We made GRANDE pollo asada nachos and homemade salsa/chips for dinner. Then we had chex muddy buddy mix for dessert (homemade of course). SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD! We ate this deliciousness while watching Titanic and all bawled our eyes out. Then we hit the sack and woke up at 6:15am to watch Juno before my sisters had to leave for weekend school stuff. It was fun and I went home and lounged with my love all day.

It was a great two months. I am sure I will have more to tell soon!

PS- If you actually read all this good job :P


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My sleeping habits as of late.

So, the clock on my computer right now says it is 1:49am. Now, don't get me wrong, but that isn't normal in any sense of the word. The last week or so I haven't been sleeping well at all. I don't know what is up. I have tried praying, watching TV, reading, looking at random websites via stumbleupon (interesting application), and writing. Nothing seems to work :( Weirdest thing about this bout of non-sleeping ability is that both of my hands are numb and tingly. Oh, my ears are throbbing from my piercings STILL and I am sick of them hurting.

As you can tell, I am in a cranky complaining mood. I want to be able to sleep. I have had problems with sleep in the past, and it really affected my emotional state. I am afraid that this is going to happen again but I don't know how to prevent it. I wish my body would just get a good schedule. I have a messed up schedule and I know it. Every day at 11am and between 2-3:30pm I get really tired and in the latter time slot I usually pass out on the couch for any given amount of time. I am confused. I don't know what to do...

And that leaves me at the current state I am in. Sitting bundled under a blanket, on the couch, with headphones on listening to Gilmore Girls.

I am going to talk to Nick about this in the morning. He is sleeping so peacefully and comfy in bed. Maybe he has more insight on the situation.

Back to Gilmore Girls. :-/


Monday, August 11, 2008

New Purse :)

For those of you who don't know me well, I have a secret purse fetish. I am strangely drawn to them in any store I enter. It's one of my guilty pleasures that I do not indulge in frequently. For example, the last purse I bought was back when we first got married, probably around November.

Anyway, I was in a shopping mood and decided to internet browse and stay inside my cool, air conditioned house. I stumbled upon several (ok, probably like 20) purses that I liked and narrowed it down to 3 that I had to have. Then, knowing that 3 was still too many I narrowed it down to this one to the left :). It is super cute and was only $11.82 because I had a 15% off coupon. It's larger than I expected and that's actually a good thing because I can now carry a water bottle and a book around, as well as Nick's stuff if needed. I am super happy with it and think it is cute and can be used for any season which is the best part :)

So, that is the newest purchase in my household. I also went on a shopping spree with Nick the day I got my ears pierced and we bought a new lamp for our dining room (definately uped the value of the house) and bought Nick a new office chair, as well as a box fan. :) We have been upgrading around here and just having a grand old time :)

Well, ta ta for now...


Saturday, August 9, 2008

*~*~Feeling a bit rebellious, outgoing, and crazy*~*~

The past few days I have been feeling really fun and bouncy. :) I got my hair trimmed, and it turned out like a whole new hair cut which is really really cute. That was unexpected and exciting. I also had been talking with Heidi, Sarah (sis-in-law), and my hubby about getting my ears pierced again. The reason that the subject came up was because I got my sister her second piercing for her birthday, and was thinking of getting mine done with her.

After careful consideration and helpful coaxing, I decided that yes indeed I wanted it done. :) Now, when I go and do something I am the type who goes all out. Not only did I decide to get my ears pierced for a third time (yes third, not second or first... first was at about age 10, second hole at age 16) but I also decided to get my cartilage pierced. I read up about it online and deduced that the most important things about getting the cartilage done was to keep it really clean (cause it's easier to get an infection) and that it doesn't hurt bad at all.

My sister and I went to Claire's with the family and we got it all done. :) I was a little nervous but it barely hurt at all. :) I am very happy with the results. It looks pretty, I feel more hip, and I am going to be able to have it for the rest of my life if I want (and have the option to take it out if wanted). I like the options it gives me, and it makes me feel pretty :) I am PRETTY sure that I am not going to be getting any other piercings, but I think this was a perfect way to round out the set and my hubby like em too ;)

Here is a picture of my hair trim/cut in case y'all wanted to see it :)

How many piercings do you all have?


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach weekend with the family and my lover!

Ok guys!!! I am caught up with blogging after this! WOOHOO! I didn't think I would get this much done today. :)

So, this weekend as sort of a celebration of being done with school and because Nick has been working so hard for so long we decided to join my family at their beach condo down in Oceanside for the weekend. We left on Saturday morning early and joined them for a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, meat, and bagels. Then, we all headed down to the beach and enjoyed some of the biggest and craziest waves I have seen in a LOOOOOOOONG time. My sisters loved having Nick there and buried him in the sand-turning him into a pregnant mermaid!

Nick's mom joined us and that was fun. We went swimming in the pool/jacuzzi when it got colder and then had yummy chili and a surprise birthday party for Heidi (she was in Romania on her actual birthday) in the evening. Then, Nick and I drove home because we had to teach sunday school the next morning. Right after we were done with Sunday school, we both jumped in our cars and drove down again for another day of fun. We were a little burnt and tired but niether one of us wanted to pass up a beautiful day in the sea. :) My family was leaving that afternoon, so we were at the beach for about 5 hours with them until they left and then helped them pack up. They had the condo for Sunday night and couldn't stay so they offered it to us! :) It was awesome having a beachside condo all to ourselves for a night... it really felt like we were far far away from hot po-dunk ramona and on a little minature vacation. :) We had a blast! We went to the 101 cafe for dinner (good-definately recommended). Then, we went back to the condo and watched a cheesey action movie and made/ate homemade pazookie (hot cookies with ice cream) for dessert. IT WAS AWWWWWWWWESOME! After the movie, we had a Speed (fast card game) tournament... in which I won every game thank you very much! hehe. By this time we were tired and headed to bed. It was so nice and relaxing... I really need a getaway like that about 2-3 times a year. :) This morning we woke up, went to Oceanside cafe for yummmy breakfast burritos and coffee before Nick drove back to work and I drove to Palomar for a notebook grading and schoolbook run. Oh, forgot to mention I got extremely fried (which will hopefully turn into a little color before I go back to albino) and I sliced my thumb open with a mini conditioner bottle. Yeah... I am talented

Here are the only pictures we have since I forgot my camera. I took these on my cell phone and they will have to do hehe!

I will try and write more regularly now that I am caught up (even when school starts again... promise). I am also making a vow to comment on blogs I read so people know I read them... I want people to do it on mine so I should do it to others....monkey see, monkey do right?

Love you all! Look forward to getting to know everyone who reads and getting to know those I already know better.

Peace out!