Monday, December 15, 2008

Kitty Cat Fashion

My sister's sent me this picture of my kitty cat (who still lives at my parents because Nick is allergic) on my phone on Saturday.  They found a santa outfit in the Christmas boxes while decorating and decided it would be fun to dress up Molly (the kitty) like Santa Claus.  Please know that Molly didn't mind at all-she is a weird cat who fetches like a dog, drinks out of the bathtub, and acts like a human.  When she got the shirt on she just laid down and relaxed in her warm, comfy outfit.  Looks pretty funny to me!


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Lori said...

How stinkin' special to open up your page and find a picture of my second most favorite cat in all the whole wide world. Dang. I love (LOVE) that little kitty. Of course, she fetches like a dog because she spent her formative weeks being mothered by our golden retriever. Man I miss her sometimes.