Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brodie 20 month Post

Brodie is 20 months old...HOLY COW!

He now has a baby sister to look after and is loving her (for the most part). In this past month we didn't do too much. 

The only notable thing was going to the Ramona fair.

Oh, and Nick went to the WAP with him. 
Brodie was his usual silly self. :)

Besides that we did a lot of sitting around on the couch while I recovered and working on our letters (his new obsession). He is very into letters, here are the ones he knows. 

*Knows - a, b, e, i, j, o, q, r, t, w, x
*Says just sound of/recognizes- d, h, m, p, s

He also counts to 4 :)

This month we have also been learning lots of body parts. He can point to and attempts to say these ones:


*Tongue (see below :P)
*Belly button

He became a lot more aggressive (biting, hitting, kicking) since Zoey's birth. I hope it calms down soon and he adjusts. Each day seems to be better and he is now requesting to hold her (by holding out his arms and saying "old er") more often. He gives her tons of kisses and is genuinely interested in her. The biting seemed to be short lived, and may have been associated with him getting his 4 canines in (2 are through and 2 are working their way out).


It's been a crazy month of change but its good all things considered. :)