Monday, July 4, 2011

9 months old!!!!

Mr. Brodie Cole Head turned 9 months old on the 2nd. I can't believe we are approaching his 1 year birthday so quickly!!!
At his 9 month well baby check up he weighed 16lb 9oz (gained 2lb 3oz from his 7 mo check), was 27.5in long (grew 2 inches since his 6 mo check), and had a head circumference of 44.75 cm (2.25cm bigger than at his 6 mo check).

Brodie had to get a hemoglobin test to check his iron levels (came back normal) and a TB test at this appointment.

The pediatrician said he looked great, and gave us the go ahead to expand his food list to everything but milk and honey. :) This is a huge step for me, because now he can eat table foods and it makes it easier for me to plan different foods for him based on our menu. Yesterday he ate scrambled egg, toast, and applesauce for breakfast. He liked egg once I had the texture fine enough and he's always liked toast/applesauce. Since Brodie had a rash after eating cottage cheese the doctor wants me to keep an eye out for any other rashes related to allergenic foods.

Since I just wrote a post last week about what Brodie has been up to there isn't much new stuff to report. He is getting up on his knees a TON more and rocking forward and backwards really fast. It's like he's prepping for takeoff!

The other new thing that Brodie started doing is pulling himself up from belly to standing using the couch. He did this for the first time on his 9 month day and has since done it a few more times. He has to be pretty motivated to use all that energy! Nick lowered the crib down this morning to the lowest setting to prevent any mishaps.
Brodie is also becoming quite attached to Nick and I. I think we have officially entered into the "separation anxiety" age which is a bit frustrating. He won't even go to Grandma or Auntie all the time if he sees me. But, it is cute to see him cuddling on Nick and so sweet when he nuzzles into my chest and wants me. This clingyness has made us be more creative in what we do with the Broders because we still need to get things done throughout the day obviously. Prime example, Nick letting Brodie help him do some programming while mom cleaned up breakfast! :)

Anyway, today we will be going to see fireworks with Brodie and hopefully have some fun family time for the 4th of July! Hopefully Brodie handles the fireworks as well as he did at Sea World a few weeks ago. :) Til next time!