Friday, August 27, 2010

Nano's Birth Plan

Our Birth Plan

To the wonderful nurses and doctors at our birth:

We would like to have as natural of a birth as possible. This means no drugs, no unnecessary medical interventions, and working with my body during labor and pushing to get the baby out without a time schedule. All preferences below are obviously if there are no complications-we want a healthy baby and mom in the end! \We appreciate your cooperation in making our birth experience as positive as possible. Thank you for helping us and for honoring our wishes as stated below.

~Heather and Nicholas

*TOOLS: Please make the birthing tub, birthing ball, squatting bar, and birthing stool available as possible after my arrival so I can utilize all of them during my labor.

*IV: Heparin lock in right hand supplemented by drinking clear fluids during labor.
*MOVEMENT: Please let me move/walk during labor and try different positions for pushing.

*LABOR INDUCTION/AUGMENTATION: Please let my labor to start and progress naturally, so and do not use labor inducing drugs or an amniotomy to start or speed up my labor.

*PAIN MEDICATION: Do NOT give or offer pain medication to me at any time (this includes epidural, narcotic medications or medications through the hep lock). I will ask you if I need it.

*MONITORING: I am fine using the external fetal monitor intermittently and having vaginal exams every 2 hours (or even less frequently if possible).

*PUSHING: I would really prefer no time limit to birth my child so please let me labor down as long as possible and then let me push in my own timing- when my body tells me to. Do not instruct me when/how to push (counting, forcing pushing, holding legs, etc).

*EPISIOTOMY: I do not want to be cut. Other techniques for avoiding tearing are welcome and appreciated! If I do tear, I WOULD like a local anesthetic to numb the area during repair.

-Please put baby on my chest and do not remove for any procedures (including weight, length, etc) for at least an hour so baby can breastfeed and have skin to skin contact while bonding with me.
-We would like to wait until the cord stops pulsating to cut it.
-Do NOT give the baby the erythromycin medication after birth; we will sign a waiver if necessary. Delay other medications as long as possible (PKU/Vitamin K oral).
-Please, do not offer or give our baby pacifiers, bottles, water, or formula. We want to exclusively breastfeed.

Just 35 days left!!! (34w6d)

Soooo, today I am 34 weeks 6 days pregnant! I feel very pregnant and look very pregnant... which makes sense since I only have 35 days left til Nano's due date!

I had an appointment today after a little over 2.5 weeks. It was my last "every 2 week" appointment and my last check-up. From now on, I get lovely cervical checks for dialation/effacement/etc. The next appt I get the lovely Strep B test (a vaginal/rectal swap for strep B- which if I test positive for I will need meds in the hospital during labor so baby doesn't get sick) and a cervical check, along with an ultrasound to measure baby.


-I got weighed- gained 2.5lbs (a rate of 1lb/wk) for a total weight gain of 10lbs so far in pregnancy.

-I got my bp taken- it was still "normal" but not as good of normal as it usually was. The doc/nurse both went "hrm" and the doc said we want to continue to watch it regularly to make sure i don't get hypertension or anything. I'm not worried since it has been great the whole time and was still "normal."

-Nano's heartbeat was great! Sounded strong and reminded me of a horse galloping.

-I asked the doc if he could tell if Nano was head down. He started feeling my belly and pushing all around. Almost immediately he could identify that Nano's head was down near my hip bones (which explains why it always feels like Nano is pushing against my right hip bone). That's a good sign because it means s/he is in position for birth.

-The fundal height was 38 (still 3wks ahead of what it should be). Because of this and the fact I've been measuring ahead the whole time/nano's big head I am getting an ultrasound next appointment to check on Nano's growth. I'm excited to see Nano again on the ultrasound but hoping he doesn't make the determination that I need to be induced or anything because of the measuring big.

-Nick and I finished our birth plan last week and I gave it to him this week. He was busy so I gave him 2 copies, asked him to read it/ok it and sign one to give back to me next appt. I want his signature OKing it so I can make copies and bring them to the hospital and prove to the nurses my doc is ok with everything on there.

That's about it. :o) I'm gonna post another thing with the birth plan so I have it here in my records for the baby book. I understand that I may only get some of the things, that things may change that are out of my control, and that labor is unpredictable. That is why it is only a plan and I put in the statement about understanding the need to change things if something comes up. :o)

I also need to post about my friend baby shower, which was last Saturday (34w) and wonderful! :o) Oh goodness I am behind!