Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zoey Belle 7 months old!

Zoey, time is FLYING! This month the most notable things that you did involved going from not crawling to crawling! I can't believe you are 7 months old!

A week after you turned 6 months you would pop up on your knees every time you got on the floor and began to take one hand off the ground. That's how we knew you were close. Then, crawling just "clicked for you when you were 6.5 months old, on December 1st! That is almost 3 months earlier than your brother, and has resulted in me really needing to stay on my toes. :) Just 6 days after you started crawling you became proficient in pulling to standing on anything and everything... including your crib. So, Daddy lowered your crib to the lowest setting to prevent you from toppling out.

This month we had an impromptu Zoo trip with Auntie Hannah, and it was your first. Your favorite thing was definitely the sky safari, which we rode TWICE!

You are talking so much, you babble constantly and it is soooo fun to imagine what your voice is going to sound like when you get around to saying full blown sentences.

In terms of food you are still on eating 1x a day and only eating 2-3 oz at that meal. You love bananas right now, and make a mess every time we feed you. Hehe

Oh, and we put the Christmas tree up and you are all over it. You crawl over to it and pull on ornaments and admire the lights. I KNOW you are going to love Christmas morning when there are presents under there for you to rip apart! :)

Today, at 7 months, we had to go back to the doctor to get a flu booster shot. Because of this they weighed you. You weighed in at a whopping 18lb 1oz! I love you my not so little anymore girl! You are such a delight to our family and the perfect piece to complete my love puzzle.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zoey's 6 months old!

Well, we officially made it 1/2 a year with you in our family!You had your 6 month appointment today and are growing like a weed! Here are your stats:

16lb 8oz (61%ile)

26.75in (84%ile)

16.5 in head circumference (34%ile)

This month you got to celebrate your first Halloween. You were an adorable duck and had fun at the church Harvest Festival with Brodie.

On October 30th (5.5mo) you sat up unassisted. That's a month and a half earlier than your brother!

On Nov 7th you figured out how to army crawl! Then the NEXT DAY you decided you were going to get up on your knees and rock back and forth. CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! You are going to be up and legit crawling fast, I just know it! You want SO badly to get to where Brother is at and to your toys.

You are babbling a ton and genuinely seem to be examining the world around you all the time now.

In terms of sleep, this month you decided that sleeping through the night wasn't for you anymore and chose to add 1-2 wake ups for nursing into your schedule. This is not my favorite idea but I know you won't nurse forever so I am trying to cherish these times I have to cuddle you without you complaining. :) You also nurse like a champ during the day...still every 2-3 hours!! We haven't had to give you any formula yet! :)

Oh, last but not least you started solids today! We chose to do avocado first just like we did with Brodie and you liked it. You are figuring out the opening your mouth part of the equation still, but once your mouth is open you gulp it down excitedly! :)

Can't wait to see what happens this next month in terms of crawling, eating, and sleeping changes. You sure do keep me on my toes baby girl!

Zoey's 5 month post

Zoey, time is going so fast with you. I can't believe months are flying by. Luckily I haven't missed taking your monthly pictures!

This month was a fun one! You went with me to the Women of Faith Conference for 2 days up in Anaheim with Grandma. You were incredibly amazing and slept through entire concerts in a SUPER loud arena. I love that you are so cuddly and happy! At the conference you hung out most of the time in the Ergo, and also learned how to suck your thumb. I'm both happy and sad about this. happy that you don't HAVE to have the pacifier to soothe yourself but sad about the potential hard road to get you not to suck your thumb in the future.

You learned to push up on your arms finally, and with that milestone quickly learned how to roll over a week after your 4 month day!

We went apple picking as a family and you LOVED looking at and reaching for all the apples on the trees when you finally woke up 5 minutes before we left.

This month you also moved up to 6-9 month clothes. I think this is mostly because you are very tall, and partially because your CD butt is too big to let onesies snap over or pants go over. :) You don't seem to mind!

You had a play-date with Faith (Mommy's best friend's baby girl born just 9 days before you!)

The day you turned 5 months was a very special day in our house for everyone. You turned 5 months old, Brother had his family birthday party for turning 2, and it was Mom and Dad's 5th anniversary!

You are such a joy in my life baby girl! And you are getting more fun each and every day :) I love you!

BRODIE'S TWO!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here, my little baby boy is not a baby anymore. He is a BIG 2 year old TODDLER. This month has been crazy and full of changes. At your 2 year appointment you weighed 33lb 2oz (93%ile), were 36in tall (89%ile), and and has a 19.5 in head (73%ile). He has come such a long way from that skinny kid who wasn't even on the charts for a good 6 months.

This month you moved in to a full blown toddler bed.With this change came a battle to get you to stay in your bed. It lasted 3 days but I'm happy to say you got over it and then slept soundly in your bed all night.

You are so strong that you can climb INTO Zoey's crib to hand her her pacifier or up onto the counter to grab a knife and attempt to cut open an apple. You are going to give me a heart attack before I turn 25 I swear!

You are really starting to express your opinions quite vocally. One night for dinner, you asked for, "Ketchup, ice cream, string cheese!" You also bring us multiple snacks first thing in the morning after you get up from the pantry.

Your mind is working so furiously, non stop. You are DEFINITELY dreaming (most likely have been for a while). Daddy went to check on your and you were sound asleep on your side, but clapping in your sleep and saying, "YAYYYYYYYYY!" You also demonstrated your first instance of pretend play. After going to the WAP one day you proceeded to peek around the kitchen door. Then, you looked at me and confidently pronounced, "Mama, lion in there! Scared!" You SHOWED me your scared face when you heard thunder for the first time. It was hilarious! This is such a fun (challenging) stage.

You got to meet smokey the bear for the first time and sit in a real helicopter and firetruck at the airport open house. You got to see the Lorikeets for the first time at the WAP, and since we were the very first people in the exhibit they flocked to us and landed on us even tho we didn't have any food! You were SO excited!

Today, we had a super fun stay at home day and you were GREAT! You got to run through balloons, play with instruments, blow bubbles, play in the water, climb and jump off things, take a bath with shaving cream, and of course eat cake and open presents. :) Your family birthday party is in 2 weeks.


This is going to be the end of your monthly update blog posts just because you are so busy and doing too much for me to keep up with. I love you and hope you have enjoyed reading your changes that you've made month after month. You are amazing!


Zoey's 4 month post

Zoey's growing right along and has hit her 4 month marker. At her 4 month appointment here were her stats:

14lb 12oz (76%ile)
26.25 inches long (96%ile)
16 inch head (38%ile)

She got to go on her first family swim, which she loved loved loved.

She also found her toes and loves eating them!

Oh, and she is rocking a natural mohawk which is freaking awesome. Everyone comments on her hair no matter who they are or where we are at.

 She smiles up a storm and is beginning to get sassy with sticking out her tongue!

You are an amazing sleeper and I actually had to wake YOU up after 13 hours because my boobs were KILLING me and I needed you to nurse.

We are having so much fun with you! you are starting to play with your exercauser, jumparoo, and read books with anyone who will read them to you.

You are such a good baby and such a great completion to our crazy little family. :) I love you so so much little one!

Brodie's 23 month post

  Brodie at 23 months!

Oh Brodie, you are ALL boy. I was not prepared for how fast this would happen but has. This month is chalk full of outdoor play and our road trip to San Francisco. You were amazing on the road trip, playing happily during our long drives and talking about what you saw out the window. You slept like a champ in the hotel rooms and ate with a big boy fork/spoon the whole time. We discovered that you can and will get car sick when we drive along the 1 and you are reading. Cleaning up your barf with water bottles and baby wipes because there is no civilization !for an hour was, how shall we say, interesting!

The rest of the month was spent getting filthy outside, getting clean again in the pool, and dancing like a fool. We also got to go to your cousin's birthday party. You quite enjoyed a cupcake and some watermelon on a hot summer day!

Ohhhhhh, and a not so fun behavioral thing you started was throwing tantrums over every little thing that didn't go your way. You are officially in what I will hereby call the "trying twos" and whew...not looking like they  are going to let up anytime soon. I think that the reason that you are throwing tantrums is because you are SO smart you can't tell us exactly what you want. For example, you got out of bed for the first time at the end of this month and said "Mommy, Daddy where are you!? Diaper!" and then after he got changed he jumped up on the couch and said, "More milk, show, cuddle, blanket." You are making crazy leaps and bounds in communication now.

 Lastly, you are still a piggie when it comes to food... look at you with 2 forks going to town on your breakfast at Denny's!