Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zoey's 4 month post

Zoey's growing right along and has hit her 4 month marker. At her 4 month appointment here were her stats:

14lb 12oz (76%ile)
26.25 inches long (96%ile)
16 inch head (38%ile)

She got to go on her first family swim, which she loved loved loved.

She also found her toes and loves eating them!

Oh, and she is rocking a natural mohawk which is freaking awesome. Everyone comments on her hair no matter who they are or where we are at.

 She smiles up a storm and is beginning to get sassy with sticking out her tongue!

You are an amazing sleeper and I actually had to wake YOU up after 13 hours because my boobs were KILLING me and I needed you to nurse.

We are having so much fun with you! you are starting to play with your exercauser, jumparoo, and read books with anyone who will read them to you.

You are such a good baby and such a great completion to our crazy little family. :) I love you so so much little one!

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