Sunday, December 9, 2012

BRODIE'S TWO!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here, my little baby boy is not a baby anymore. He is a BIG 2 year old TODDLER. This month has been crazy and full of changes. At your 2 year appointment you weighed 33lb 2oz (93%ile), were 36in tall (89%ile), and and has a 19.5 in head (73%ile). He has come such a long way from that skinny kid who wasn't even on the charts for a good 6 months.

This month you moved in to a full blown toddler bed.With this change came a battle to get you to stay in your bed. It lasted 3 days but I'm happy to say you got over it and then slept soundly in your bed all night.

You are so strong that you can climb INTO Zoey's crib to hand her her pacifier or up onto the counter to grab a knife and attempt to cut open an apple. You are going to give me a heart attack before I turn 25 I swear!

You are really starting to express your opinions quite vocally. One night for dinner, you asked for, "Ketchup, ice cream, string cheese!" You also bring us multiple snacks first thing in the morning after you get up from the pantry.

Your mind is working so furiously, non stop. You are DEFINITELY dreaming (most likely have been for a while). Daddy went to check on your and you were sound asleep on your side, but clapping in your sleep and saying, "YAYYYYYYYYY!" You also demonstrated your first instance of pretend play. After going to the WAP one day you proceeded to peek around the kitchen door. Then, you looked at me and confidently pronounced, "Mama, lion in there! Scared!" You SHOWED me your scared face when you heard thunder for the first time. It was hilarious! This is such a fun (challenging) stage.

You got to meet smokey the bear for the first time and sit in a real helicopter and firetruck at the airport open house. You got to see the Lorikeets for the first time at the WAP, and since we were the very first people in the exhibit they flocked to us and landed on us even tho we didn't have any food! You were SO excited!

Today, we had a super fun stay at home day and you were GREAT! You got to run through balloons, play with instruments, blow bubbles, play in the water, climb and jump off things, take a bath with shaving cream, and of course eat cake and open presents. :) Your family birthday party is in 2 weeks.


This is going to be the end of your monthly update blog posts just because you are so busy and doing too much for me to keep up with. I love you and hope you have enjoyed reading your changes that you've made month after month. You are amazing!


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