Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brodie's 23 month post

  Brodie at 23 months!

Oh Brodie, you are ALL boy. I was not prepared for how fast this would happen but has. This month is chalk full of outdoor play and our road trip to San Francisco. You were amazing on the road trip, playing happily during our long drives and talking about what you saw out the window. You slept like a champ in the hotel rooms and ate with a big boy fork/spoon the whole time. We discovered that you can and will get car sick when we drive along the 1 and you are reading. Cleaning up your barf with water bottles and baby wipes because there is no civilization !for an hour was, how shall we say, interesting!

The rest of the month was spent getting filthy outside, getting clean again in the pool, and dancing like a fool. We also got to go to your cousin's birthday party. You quite enjoyed a cupcake and some watermelon on a hot summer day!

Ohhhhhh, and a not so fun behavioral thing you started was throwing tantrums over every little thing that didn't go your way. You are officially in what I will hereby call the "trying twos" and whew...not looking like they  are going to let up anytime soon. I think that the reason that you are throwing tantrums is because you are SO smart you can't tell us exactly what you want. For example, you got out of bed for the first time at the end of this month and said "Mommy, Daddy where are you!? Diaper!" and then after he got changed he jumped up on the couch and said, "More milk, show, cuddle, blanket." You are making crazy leaps and bounds in communication now.

 Lastly, you are still a piggie when it comes to food... look at you with 2 forks going to town on your breakfast at Denny's!

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