Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoey Belle's 3 month post

Time continues to fly in the Head household. Mrs. Zoey Belle hit her 3 month marker on Monday already. I'm not sure how much she weighs or how long she is, but she's growing a TON! She's a sweetie pie and I'm loving having a girl. Here are some things that happened in the life of Zoey Belle this month.

She moved up to 3-6 months clothes when she moved into cloth diapers

She is talking and cooing hardcore

She was a flower girl in Auntie Hannah's wedding

We left her for the first time so we could go on the date when she was 10.5 weeks old

She responds with smiles and talking to Brodie and Nick more than any other person

We are working on tummy time (no rolling yet but she's getting close!)

She has been sitting up in the  bumbo like a big girl at 10 weeks

Zoey got to meet her Great-grandma (Zona) and Great-grandpa (Zonie) for the first time

She is learning to hold her binky in

She moved into her crib for the first night on her 3 month "day"

She got even more rolls (Brodie wasn't rolly at all so this makes me super happy!)

She went on her first vacation, which was a 4 day roadtirp up the coast of CA. She did AMAZING!

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