Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brodie's 22 month post

My bug a boo is almost 2!  I can't believe time is going so quick. My mommy warned me that this would happen but I didn't believe her. I'm trying my best to soak up every little moment with my little man. Here are some highlights of this month:

*He has learned to count to 10

*We had lots of play dates with friends

*Brodie can officially find every letter of the alphabet if I ask him to get me one at random from a pile of letters. And, if i ask him what letter i am holding he can identify by saying the letter or doing the sound for all but v and z.

*He learned to climb out of his crib so we transitioned to a toddler bed on July 17th

*Became obsessed with thomas the train

*He cut open his chin

*Brodie was a ring bearer in Auntie Hannah's wedding

*He got to celebrate his 2nd 4th of July

*He discovered what a hammock is

*He helped me cook

*Developed his artistic side

*Had a mommy/son date

*He played outside

*Brodie is developing more pretend play (became a pirate, fixes cars, dresses up,etc)

*Fell asleep eating and drinking several times


*And of course, he loves his sister 

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