Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zoey's 2 Month Post

Zoey, I'm apologizing now for failing on posting your monthly updates on time. I apologize for not keeping as meticulous as records as I did with Brodie. Know I still love you just as much as him, but that I'm way more busy giving you adequate amounts of cuddles and kisses and love while chasing your brother around to always note when you do something new. You are amazing, and totally on track. I can't wait to see where you blossom next!

Baby girl, you are 2 months old today! We went to the pediatrician today and you weigh 12lb 11oz (92%ile), are 23.5in long (88%ile), and have a 15in circumference head (33%ile). That is a 5lb weight gain and a 4.25in length gain in just 2 months!!! You did great with your shots and are cuddling daddy as we speak. :)

Here are some highlights I did write down from last month, with pictures.

On June 26th, at just 6 weeks, you weighed 12lbs! In comparison your brother weighed about that amount at 5 months! You are my little chubster and I love it!

You went bowling with Daddy and me at HAH's 5 year anniversary celebration

You had your meet the baby tea hosted by mommy's friend Rose. :o) You were beautiful in your dress and everyone loved cuddling and loving on you. You are so special!

You are smiling all the time and love your brother.

You moved to cloth diapers june 29th, and they are SO dang cute on you. You are pretty happy about them too!

You helped daddy celebrate his 2nd father's day, his 1st with you. He is over the moon in love with you baby girl

And, you celebrated your first 4th of July. We had a pool party and you rocked an adorable swim suit from Auntie Heidi. You were cuddled by everyone there!

 At 4 days before your 2 month day you started going 8-9hrs between your evening nursing session. After your "bedtime" feeding (which is somewhere in the 8:30-9:30pm range) you sleep until around 5:30am! This has resulted in a very rested me, since you are only getting up in the morning to eat and not in the middle of the night. And, the last 4 weeks before this you were already giving me a 6hr stretch at night every night! We are so blessed to have a great sleeper this time around.

You are growing up so fast I can't even handle it. I love you my sweet girl! :)



sailornurseandco said...

She is gorgeous!! My little Lincoln is also way bigger than his older brother! Amazing how the second ends up so much different!

Heather said...

Thank you! :) It's funny how their personalities are forming so young right? I LOVE your kids names by the cute! :) And they are pretty dang cute in general too :)