Monday, August 29, 2011

10 month post (much belated!)

Brodie turned 10 months old on the 2nd of August and I am JUST writing his post. Heck, he is going to be 11 months old Friday. I fail! Here are a few 10 month old pics (and after will be
pictures related to the blurbs, some of which happened before 10 months).

This month has FLOWN by, partially because I had surgery on the 1st and a week was spent recovering from that. But more than likely the reason it seems to have gone so quickly is because Brodie has become about 10x more mobile!

I'm solely relying on pictures and Facebook posts to remind me of everything that has happened this month and the dates on which they occurred....OMGosh I just reread his 9 month post and he has changed SOOOOOOOOOOOO much since then. OK, here we go!

*On July 7th Brodie officially started crawling! That is a month and a half ago, and he crawls like a pro now. He is SO fast and never resorts to scooting around anymore. He is ninja fast!

*I wrote in the 9 month post that he started pulling himself up on his 9 month day....yea he is standing up most of the day now! He pulls up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, including me, Nick, any furniture, a toy in the middle of the room, the toilet, cabinets, his high chair, etc etc etc.

*On July 13th Brodie started "cruising" by walking along the couch and since he figured out he could do that he NEVER STOPS MOVING! You know how I said he pulls up on everything? Yea, when he gets up on whatever thing it is he starts walking along while holding on. This includes our TV stand, couches, walk along toys, walls, etc.

*Brodie started walking on his walker toy on August 2nd and became great at it by Aug 7th. He still doesn't know how to turn it though.

*On August 17th Brodie began to let go of what he was holding onto while standing up for a few seconds. Since then, this act has become more frequent and lasts longer each time. I think the longest he's gone without holding on to anything is about 7-8 seconds. It's a trip watching him just stand unassisted in the middle of the room all wobbly. It makes him look like such a big boy it scares me! I have a feeling walking is just around the corner...he has made a few attempts already (and taken a 1/2 step on his own) but I'm not OK with saying it was his first step since he hasn't done anything since. :)

*The same day he started cruising (July 13th) he officially cut his first tooth. He now has 3 teeth in (the 2 bottom middle ones and top right one) and is smack dab in the middle of cutting the 2 next to the 2 bottom ones. He is miserable today, very clingy, and whiny. I am writing this during his longest nap so far of the day. :)

*He went swimming for the first time on July 7th. Since then he has been 2 more times and also to the beach, which he loved.

*On July 18th he started waving bye bye and babbling while he did it. I am not sure if he knows what it means exactly but he enjoys doing it often. :)

*Brodie ate spaghetti for the first time on Aug 10th. This is momentous because the pictures reminded me of my spaghetti face pictures. :) I am going to try to get one of Nick and frame them all side by side.

*Oh, Brodie started dancing this month as well. On Aug 11th he danced his little booty off to the intro song of the movie Rio (super cute by the way if you haven't seen it).

*Brodie started pointing at things on August 17th too! Whatever he is interested in or wants to talk to/look at he will point and babble (LOUDLY) at until we go over there. He also points at books, which I think is ADORABLE!

*We went to Sea World on the 20th and it was a blast. Brodie really got into looking at the animals this time, noticing them moving and smiling at the Walrus' and Beluga whales.

*I got a new camera at the end of July and have been having a BLAST taking pictures of the Brodster. As a result, he knows to pose when the camera comes out and I am a little afraid I've given him vision damage from the flash going off so much :P

*It is now wayyyy harder to get Brodie down for bed. If he's awake at all he will scream until he's hoarse or until we come get him. We don't like C.I.O. so we are trying to come up with another solution. In the meantime, that part of the night is hard most nights. :(

*Brodie made himself pass out from not breathing/crying too much when we took away his empty dinner plate. His lips/nose got blue and the eyes rolled in the back of his head. He was out 15-20 seconds and it scared the crap outta us and even though it's just because he was throwing a tantrum we are freaked out that he is going to do it again (he's gotten close 4x since).

*Brodie is (I'm just going to say this since it's happened 5x in the last week) down to 3x nursing a day, plus 1-2x at night depending on the night. I'm a little sad that the amount of nursing sessions are going down because I love that cuddling/bonding time with him every day. But, I am sort of happy about it because I can leave him now for longer without having to worry about him not taking a bottle (because he refuses to) or starving. I think he is SLOWLY self weaning but I am not going to encourage weaning until after a year at least. I don't ever want him to have formula; I'd rather him go straight to cow's milk at a year (I know it's a silly thing but that's just my breastfeeding goal in my head :) ).

*It's less than 33.5 days until my son's first birthday! That seems freaking impossible to me! This year has flown by and I don't want to think about my little baby becoming a big old toddler so soon. For his 1st birthday we are just having immediate family over for a hot dog/hamburger grill and letting Brodie eat a cupcake and smash it everywhere. I'm going to attempt a cookie monster cake but we'll see if that actually happens :P

I'll be writing another post this Friday (much shorter I promise!) when my little boy turns 11 months old! I'm going to attempt to weigh him using the Wii fit board and try to get a length on him. He has gone through a growth spurt in the last few weeks for sure. We moved him up to a "big boy car seat" last week. In a matter of 2 weeks he went from fitting in the infant carrier just fine to not being able to get his arms under the straps when they were all the way out and on the top setting! He is also getting a lot heavier (at least it seems that way to me)!

Til next time,

~Heather and family