Friday, October 10, 2008

Doctor Visit

Today I went to the doctor again (I went yesterday at 8:45) to get blood drawn. I have been really tired lately, like to the point where i take 2-3 naps a day. Wrong right? I actually just woke up from an hour long nap and that is only because Nick woke me up. I needed to do a paper.

So, the doctor talked to me about all my symptoms and suggested that it may be a couple things. She (as well as the nurse and my mom) think that I have anemia so she wanted me to get my blood tested for that. She also thought it may be a thyroid problem. Both of those things will be revealed by the blood work I got done today. She suggested sleep apnea as well, but I am 99% sure I don't have that. She told me to have Nick watch me sleep to see if I demonstrate signs of it.

I also have been having tingling in my fingertips the last couple of months. She did a few movements with my wrist to see if she could replicate it. That means, she said, that I probably have carpal tunnel. I need to document when they get tingly and what I am doing at the time. Next time I see her we are going to go over it.

Lastly, she wanted me to fast from midnight last night til I got the blood work done this morning so when she tested for the anemia and thyroid stuff she could check my cholesterol and blood sugar at the same time.

I will have results on monday. Pray they find something so they can fix it :)


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