Thursday, October 9, 2008

It has officially begun

Nick and I went to the gym today to sign up... we took the step. I freaked out a bit just seeing the bigness of the place, all the new machines, and all the experienced gym goers. But Nikki, the manager of the gym and sister of the owner, showed us around and assured us we had good reasons for going and would love it once we started.

With membership you get 2 free personal training sessions, and my first is next Thursday at 2pm. I thought i was just going to wait til then to actually start going but nooooooooo. My best friend Heather called me right after she found out I got the membership (she has one too) and said that she was going to walk by my house to "pick" me up for the 6am class the next morning. GOSH EARLY! I tried making excuses, which she refuted easily. So yeah, I am going to the gym at 6am tomorrow. Then coming home and showering. Then going to the doctor again (I will update you soon on that), then coming home again and eating b/c I am going to be starving. THEN, coffee with friends! :D After the funness of coffee I have to come home, bust my butt, and write a whole research paper. My goal is to have it done by dinner time, which is when my lovely husband is going to be taking me out on a date!!! :D I am excited.

I will post all the gruesome details of the gym tomorrow hopefully. If not, Saturday late at night!


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Jessica said...

Good luck! I am proud of you. :)