Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's a fresh new start!

As all of you guys who know me already know, I am no skinny minnie... in fact I am quite the opposite. I am fed up with being heavy (fat) and I am starting a new way of life. It actually started on Monday but I suck at updating my blog.

I am going to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off. I am going to eat better, drink more water, and exercise. EXERCISE! :) I have a meeting with the owner of the gym today with Nick and we are getting gym memberships. Woh doggie that is gonna whip my butt into shape! Literally lol.

So, what I am doing is cutting back a lot on calories while exercising so I can burn those pounds off. I am limiting myself to about 1200 a day (between 1200-1300) and making sure to drink more water. I know this seems silly, but even after 4 days I already feel less bloated and more healthy. Probably psychological but whatever... just go with it!

I found out by going to the doctor today that our scale is stupid and weighs really incorrectly (like between 6-10 lbs heavier). So, when I start going to the gym I am going to be solely weighing myself there. And, I am going to make sure my husband makes me stick to only 1 weigh-in a week. I get obsessive...

Anyway, I am really excited! I want to get down to 160 (or 150 if healthy) pounds. This means losing a LOT of weight but I am motivated. Any and all of my friends, please encourage me because I need it and please scold me if you think I am eating something I shouldn't be :)




Dena said...

You go girl! Let's do it together!!!!! Say it with me now, Twinkie...BAD! Apple...GOOD! And repeat! :o)

inquisitivesensitive said...

Twinkie Bad, Apple Good, Twinkie Bad, Apple Good.... Gosh I love twinkies...goodbye my goo filled cakes of sugar. :P

the CoR said...

I got a gym membership last month and it is GLORIOUS. Beyond losing weight, you just start to FEEL so much better. Just remember: Often your weight goes up before it goes down due to the whole muscle thing, so don't get discouraged in the beginning :o)

Janet said...

The gym has been wonderful for me. i love taking the classes. I changed a lot of what I eat and now I feel much better. Good Luck Girli!

Z-Mama said...

I need a new start too! I need to totally change my diet. Brownies for breakfast is not a good sign!