Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Trees

I grew up with the tradition that every year we get a new, real Christmas tree. It was tradition to cut it down with the family and decorate it together. Now, after getting married to Nick, things have changed. He grew up with a fake tree, mostly because of his horrible allergies. We tried a real one last year (Ya know, went and cut down one that we picked out) and I saw just how bad his allergies were. Not to mention the fact that it cost us like 30 bucks for the most little, lopsided tree EVER. Check my blog posts from last December to see it. So, this year I finally surrendered and said we could get a fake tree, if I knew it would look good. On Black Friday we went to Home depot because I saw several sales on them, and lo and behold what did I find? A 7.5 foot pre-lit fake tree for 49.99! We put it up and I have to say it is beautiful. All other comprable ones (that in my opinion didn't look as good) were 350-400 dollars so I am stoked we got it for so cheap! Here is a picture of the tree with just the lights on, with Nick standing next to it for comparison (He is 6 foot 2 or 3 inches). And 2 after pictures, decorated and pretty. :o)

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The Muse said...

It looks great! And a fantastic price...for a reusable commodity!