Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Write Love on Her Arm Day

If you guys didn't know, today (November 13th) is To Write Love on Her Arm Day (TWLOHA). TWLOHA is an organization that provides hope and information to those struggling with suicide, self harm, depression, and hopelessness. On this day, you are supposed to write "LOVE" on your arm and if people ask why you have it there, you can talk to them about the subject. As a Christian, I would also use this as an opportunity to share Christ with strangers.

I wrote "LOVE" on my left arm today (as shown to the right), and though I didn't go anywhere or get asked I am reminded that I am loved every time i see it. :o)

Depression, Self-Harm, and Suicide are all topics considered taboo in today's culture, but they affect so many people in the United States and around the world. As someone who has had personal experience with struggling with these issues I really appreciate that an organization exists to try and make this subject less taboo. If you ever suspect that anyone you know is dealing with these problems, please reach out and show love. You may save their life and make more of an impact then you will ever know.

I am glad I am loved, and want to give anyone who wants a hug a hug :o)

Please support TWLOHA day in the future, and remember to keep your heart open to being someone's support.



Dena said...

Probably totally late with this, but I just wrote LOVE on my arm with permanent marker. :o) LOVE it.

inquisitivesensitive said...

Hey, It is never too late! I have been retracing over my "LOVE" since thursday and don't want it to go away. I added hearts yesterday. Give me a month and my entire arm will be covered lol.

Thank you for joining me in supporting this cause!